GalactiCon Releases Added to Shop NDW

Another GalactiCon is in the books, and we have all of our card releases from the convention now available for purchase as Shop NDW!

First up, we have a preview of the upcoming Royal Coup 2137 set. It’s an updated Jet Black and Navy Blue. They now go by Golden Guardians!

Jet Black
Navy Blue

Up next we have a very special game edition that was twenty years in the making, Unfinished Business! Follow the stories of Billy the Kid, Prince Rightheart, Prodigal, Robert Logan, Rockford Cliffton, and Shockwave as they are all friend and foe to TroyBoy on NDW: Live the Reboot! You can watch these events unfold live on Sundays at 9:00 PM EST on BrocsterBuilds. Now, you can play these characters in your feds!

Billy the Kid
Prince Rightheart
Robert Logan
Rockford Cliffton

Finally, we have three special edition card releases! First, is our latest subscriber goal unlock from Twitch, Rouge! Then we have a special card created by our channel mod JibbsWarrior, RC Xtreme! And last but not least, as seen on the Filsinger Games Character Spotlight YouTube show, Nuclear Chaos! Nuclear Chaos was created by Mike Fortune and Paul Barnes.

All these items are now available for purchase and ready to ship! Head on over to Shop NDW and place your order today.

Prices Slashed at Shop NDW

Prices Slashed

After some careful consideration, we have slashed the prices on all of the Character Cards in our PayPal store, Shop NDW! Now all of the cards are pretty much $1.00 each.

In an effort to get the cards to you cheaper, we have eliminated the physical copies of the Handbooks and Character Descriptions. Instead, you will receive a Digital Copy of those items via email in PDF format. Physical printed Character Cards will continue to be mailed to you as normal. This will make the cards less expensive to buy, since our prices have always included shipping and handling costs.

As of right now, there are no plans to offer any of the Character Cards in PDF format.