The Cheese and FnKen Kick Off NDW Series Two

It’s just about that time, folks! Next Dimension Wrestling has reached the year 2133. To start the official Series Two releases, we have The Cheese and FnKen!

The Cheese

The Cheese is a relative newcomer to the world of wrestling, but he is hoping to make a difference early on in his young career. Having been a fan of Biordi and the Protectors of the Galaxy, The Cheese joins NDW in hopes of becoming a part of that team. Will he get his wish, or will something else be in the cards for this rookie?


FnKen is a ring veteran and a giant of a man! He has ties to so many wrestlers on the current NDW roster, including friends on both sides of the Protectors of the Galaxy versus Deadly Alliance war. He plans to remain neutral in that conflict, but wants to beat up B.A. Jerk, who FnKen feels has blocked him from entering NDW.

These cards are available for pre-order in the NDW Shop and will begin shipping on September 4, 2017! Order your cards today!