PWOTG Showcase – March 2135

Tuesday, March 15, 2135
Chicago, IL
Match Report by Brad Halloway

Cheri Cola vs. Hot Pink
Cheri Cola
 wins the match with her finisher, CHERRY PIT.

Bomb Chelle vs. La Belleza
Bomb Chelle picked up a sudden victory with a running clothesline. After the match, Ooolahg entered the ring and attacked La BellezaBomb Chelle did not attempt to stop her unpredictable partner from his vicious assault. La Belleza was injured in the attack. Bomb Chelle and Ooolahg both face suspension.

Raven Stark vs. Lamiax
Raven Stark wins with after hitting Tower of London on a bloody Lamiax.

Jacklyn Snow vs. Gretchen The Great
Gretchen The Great picks up a disqualification victory after a wild brawl erupts outside the ring.

Galactic Heroines (Bobbi Jo Boxer, Lioness, Goddess Galene) vs. Wonderfully Wicked (Contessa, Social Butterfly, Guillotina)
Guillotina picks up the victory for her team after hitting her finisher, OFF WITH HER HEAD, on the returning, Lioness.


La Belleza (three weeks)

Bomb Chelle (three weeks)
Ooolahg (three weeks)

PWOTG Showcase – February 2135

Tuesday, February 15, 2135
Paris, France
Match Report by Hawk Hawkins

Bomb Chelle vs. Hot Pink
Bomb Chelle
 wins the match via count-out.

Social Butterfly vs. Lioness
won the match with her finisher, POUNCE. After the match Guillotina attacked Lioness, injuring Lioness for two weeks.

Cheri Cola vs. La Belleza
La Belleza wins with her finisher, DREAM MAKEOVER. After the match La Belleza attempts to cut Cheri Cola‘s hair, but two unknown women from the crowd save Cheri Cola‘s red locks by attacking La Belleza with a ringside chair.

Jacklyn Snow vs. Gretchen The Great
Gretchen The Great defeated a bloody Jacklyn Snow by submission with her finisher, REKAERB MRA SSORC.

Bobbi Jo Boxer vs. Lamiax
wins the match via count-out.


Raven Stark vs. Contessa
Raven Stark wins back-to-back falls with her finisher, BLACKBIRD. Raven Stark becomes the number one contender for the PWOTG Championship!


Matches Signed:
Raven Stark vs. Goddess Galene (c) for the PWOTG Championship

Lioness (two weeks)

PWOTG Showcase Scheduled

From NDW Headquarters, starting February 15, 2135, each 15th day of the month will feature a special PWOTG Showcase! The stars of the PWOTG (Powerful Women of the Galaxy) will compete in a special event showcasing women’s wrestling.

This month will feature a number one contender’s match between Raven Stark and Contessa as the main event!

All Titles Vacated in Next Dimension Wrestling

By Katie Catwalk | January 2, 2135

In a press release from the NDW head office in Chicago, IL, The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar have announced that all NDW Championships must be relinquished by the current titleholders. This decision was not expected as many titles were defended over the weekend. The press release also contained information regarding how new champions would be crowned. Here is a summary of the release. 

Forty members of the male roster will be competing in a series of qualifying matches over the weekend to determine the field for the NDW Dimensional Championship. Winners of the qualifying matches will compete in two separate round-robin tournament pods. There is a Chicago Pod and a Paris Pod, with the tournaments being held in those respective cities. 

A point system has been created to determine the pod winners. Two points will be awarded to the winners of each match if the match is won by pinfall or submission. If the match is won by count-out or disqualification, the winner will be awarded one point. No points are given to the loser in any match. Whichever wrestler has the most points at the end of each round-robin will go on to the NDW Championship match at a later super card.

The NDW Cornerstone Championship will be awarded to the winner of the Gary Atkinson Memorial Tournament at April 24th’s super card. The top eight point holders, who did not win their pod, from the round-robin tournaments will be added to a seated tournament. These eight men will compete in a one-night, single-elimination tournament to not only win the coveted “Birdie” trophy, which can be cashed in for a Dimensional Championship opportunity, but will also be named the NDW Cornerstone Champion. This makes qualifying for the round-robin tournaments vitally important, as the two singles championships will be decided based on the points awarded during these matches.

The PWOTG Championship will be the first championship to be decided. NDW Luck of the Draw will take place on Sunday, January 30. The event will consist of one gauntlet match featuring the entire PWOTG roster. There are currently 15 women on the roster, and the entry order will be determined by a random drawing. For this unique gauntlet match, there will be no count-outs or disqualifications. This event will be replacing the Heroic Gauntlet event in 2135.

According to the press release, there are not currently any scheduled plans for the NDW Tag-Team Championship. The report stated that too many members of the tag-team division are also competing for the other three championships. The tag-team division has been put on hold until further notice. 

Both The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Hagar could not be reached for comment. However, many of the wrestlers could, but every one of their answers were, “I have no comment on the situation.”

Stay tuned to Dimensional Disclosure throughout the coming days as more developments on this story are made available.

GalactiCon Releases Now Available

GalactiCon was here and gone, and it was a great time! Jeff Manning won the annual NDW Tournament with the brand new Crimson Shadow card! Congratulations go out to Jeff.

At GalactiCon, NDW released a few items. The final chapter of NDW Series Two was released. It is titled NDW Conclusion 2134 and features two new cards that will shake the NDW to its core.

Next the debut game edition for the Powerful Women of the Galaxy was released. It was titled PWOTG Foundation 2134. This set features eight new game cards that can be used as a standalone promotion or interwoven into the NDW.

Finally, the Brocster Comics Classic Collection kicks off with Powerhouse Patterson! This is a card that was originally released as part of a Dance Club Wrestling set in 2002, but is now available in full-color!

Here is a quick visual guide of all the cards released at GalactiCon! All of these cards are available for order now in the NDW Store!

NDW Conclusion 2134 (Series Two – Pack Four)

Crimson Shadow

Fallout Joe

PWOTG Foundation 2134

Bobbi Jo BoxerLionessGoddess GaleneCheri ColaLamiaxContessaGuillotinaLa Belleza

Powerhouse Patterson – GalactiCon Special Edition

Powerhouse Patterson