Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers Card ArtHeight: 6′ 0″
Weight: 250 lbs.
Pittsburgh, PA


Ginger Rogers was born Josh Rogers, but after being heckled his whole life for his red hair and porcelain complexion, he decided to change his name. He wanted the term “Ginger” to be seen in a positive light. Ginger Rogers always wanted to be a role model to someone. He saw wrestling as a great way to achieve that goal. He has trained hard and done all he can to become the best he can be in the ring.

While recruiting for his team, the Last Knight held several training camps throughout the northeast part of the United States. At a stop in Pittsburgh, the Last Knight met several standout talents, but one stood out above the rest, Ginger Rogers. Rogers displayed a drive and work ethic that was leaps and bounds above his peers. As The Last Knight’s star pupil, he is ready to make an impact in NDW.

In order to be a good role model, Ginger Rogers has become the ultimate good guy. He never breaks the rules or takes a shortcut. He would not want one of his young fans to think that behavior is acceptable. He also volunteers as much as his schedule permits for various youth organizations. While this has made him very popular with the younger fans, the diehard wrestling fans are not too fond of this boyscout persona. Ginger Rogers gets a split reaction from the crowd. Even though he has done nothing wrong, he stills gets quite a few boos.

Ginger Rogers is squaring off against Bob Hagar’s top guy, Lambert, in a main event feud that will most likely center around the NDW Dimensional Championship.


Pale Plancha – flying body block
Strawberry Blonde Head Butt – head butt to an oncoming opponent
Ginger Snap – rolling neckbreaker
FRECKLED FOREARM – running forearm to the back of the opponent’s head
SEEING RED – stepover toehold facelock


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Josh Smith
Character Drawing: Broc Atkinson
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Starter Pack – GalactiCon 2016


NDW Starter SetNDW Starter Pack
Eight Full-Color Game Cards

  • Eagle Richards
  • Falcon Parker
  • Ginger Rogers
  • Jet Black
  • Lambert
  • Navy Blue
  • Ooolahg
  • Rajah Ring Royalty

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