Vladimir Plasma

Vladimir PlasmaHeight: 6′ 4″
Weight: 268 lbs.


Vladimir Plasma is a four-hundred-year-old vampire from Transylvania. He is a fairly large man, and his vampire genetics make him a great all-around athlete. Like his fellow monster friends, Lycan Moon and Murky Waters, Vladimir Plasma has been training secretly for years with the original Halloween Hank. He was brought into Next Dimension Wrestling along with Jacklyn Snow to form the tag-team Frost Bite to contend with Creature Feature, who had recently defected from the Holiday Horror group. After only one match with his partner, Jacklyn Snow, Vladimir Plasma left the Holiday Horror team to join Creature Feature. He loved the adulation of the crowd that Creature Feature had been receiving and wanted a taste of that for himself. The three monsters now make up the team, Monster Mash!

Although Vladimir Plasma sees himself as a crowd favorite and tries to play by the rules, his vampire nature can take over from time to time. Vladimir Plasma will not use his violent finishing move, BLOODLUST, unless the opponent is bleeding. At that point, Vladimir Plasma will give into the vampire’s thirst for blood and unleash his powerful finisher. The fans don’t seem to mind this too much when he is using it against the most despised villains on the NDW roster.


Holy Water Splash – running body splash in the corner
Undead Driver – Death Valley Driver
Wings of the Bat – butterfly suplex
Stake Through the Heart – diving heart punch
Coffin Sleeper Hold – rear naked choke
Vampire’s Bite – bite to the neck
BLOODLUST – viscous pounce followed by a mounted Vampire’s Bite


Character Creation: Chris Adametz, Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Chris Adametz
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Seeing Red Expansion – GalactiCon 2017


Seeing Red ExpansionSeeing Red
Four Full-Color Game Cards

  • Vladimir Plasma
  • Jacklyn Snow
  • KnightFall
  • Red Scare

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