Roadkill Raccoon

Roadkill RaccoonHeight: 2′ 4″
Weight: 28 lbs.
Youngstown, OH


Before an NDW live event in Youngstown, OH, Halloween Hank called a meeting outside the venue to discuss the current status of the Holiday Horror team. Hank was livid that Snow Bunny had not won the NDW Tag-Team Championship the previous evening. In his anger, Hank ordered an impromptu training session with Pete Cottontail and Jacklyn Snow.

While Cottontail and Snow were running laps around the building, a sudden hissing sound stopped the two wrestlers dead in their tracks. Pete Cottontail decided to investigate the sounds coming from a garbage can. When Pete slowly opened the lid, a large raccoon popped his head up. A startled Pete slammed the lid back down on the can. The can continued to shake and eventually fell over. The raccoon, with his fur matted together and covered in what appeared to be dried blood stumbled out of the garbage can.

The raccoon appeared to be a zombie. It continued to shamble toward Pete stumbling over and over again. Jacklyn Snow ran into the building! Pete was not afraid of the approaching critter. Instead he pulled a hard boiled egg from his pocket and fed it to the raccoon. The raccoon ran up Pete’s back and perched himself on Pete’s shoulder.

At this moment, Halloween Hank returned with Jacklyn Snow and warned Pete not to feed the raccoon. It was too late! By this point, Pete had already fed the raccoon a dozen eggs. Hank just shrugged his shoulders and went back into the building. Pete gave his new friend the nickname, Roadkill. Roadkill was always by Pete’s side during training sessions. Roadkill would copy Pete’s movements and was picking up how a wrestling match worked.

In a bizarre turn of events, Jacklyn Snow had qualified for a match against the PWOTG Champion and had to back out of her scheduled tag-team match with Pete Cottontail. Pete, not wanting to miss his match, decided to give his little buddy, Roadkill, a shot in the ring. Surprisingly, the little guy held his own! From that moment on, Jacklyn Snow became a singles competitor in the PWOTG division, and Pete Cottontail and Roadkill Raccoon formed the new tag-team, Rascally Rodents!

In the ring, Roadkill Raccoon is a wildcard! He is not a human or even an alien, he is just a run of the mill raccoon afflicted with some kind of illness! Most of his offense is that of a wild animal trying to defend itself. Roadkill will wear out his opponent more often than actually inflicting any real damage. Also, due to his small stature, Roadkill Raccoon is very difficult to keep down. If Roadkill Raccoon is ever able to pin an opponent, that competitor will have to undergo treatment for rabies. Refer to Roadkill Raccoons game card for instructions.

Trash Panda – chop block to the knee
Leptospirosis Lariat – flying body block to the neck
Roundworm Splash – butt drop
Distemper Shamble – ferociously chase the opponent around the ring


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Chris Adametz
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Card – Halloween 2018


Roadkill Raccoon
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  • Roadkill Raccoon

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