Mee’la Twi’ek

Mee'la Twi'ekHeight: 5′ 9″
Weight: 129 lbs.


In the year 2118, an early attempt at the Eugenics Project by the Dark Menace was made. Wheebo Rodes and his female counterpart, Mee’la Twi’ek, were eager to volunteer for the experimental genetic modifications to help combat the evil Gladiators of Aethra.  Plus, there was a large payment awaiting the young aliens. However, this did not turn out as expected. Wheebo and Mee’la were enhanced, to an extent, but not able to fight against the much more powerful Gladiators.

Not quite living up to his expectations, the Dark Menace decided that he had to cut his losses and get rid of the duo. The Dark Menace decided to send Wheebo and Mee’la on a “special secret mission,” that just happened to be “far, far away.” Tricking the two young aliens into an escape pod with no destination planned, the Dark Menace sent Wheebo and Mee’la into the dark void of space. He was kind enough to put them into a state of suspended animation before sending them on their way.

Many years had passed before a group of space pirates happened to find the drifting escape pod. The pirates brought the pod onto their ship with the intent of looting it and were shocked to find the two passengers. The pirates woke Wheebo and Mee’la from the suspended animation and agreed to drop them off at their next destination, which happened to be planet Earth!

Upon reaching planet Earth, Wheebo and Mee’la began their “super secret mission” of defeating the Gladiators in combat. They knew that the GWF was important to the battle and that the “W” stood for wrestling. That is when the two aliens started their careers in amateur wrestling.

Decked out in singlets and headgears, the alien duo started entering amateur wrestling tournaments around the United States. Their hopes were to find the Gladiators and defeat them. Unfortunately, that never happened and the duo began to grow bored with the tournaments.

That all changed when Next Dimension Wrestling came to town. Wheebo and Mee’la fell in love with the theatrics and colorful characters of professional wrestling. This is when the tag-team of Far, Far Away was born. The Last Knight and Bob Hagar quickly signed the tag-team to NDW to not only build up their tag-team division but to also attract other alien wrestlers to their brand.

Far, Far Away are the perfect enhancement talent for any fed! Wheebo Rodes is a great opponent for any male contender, Mee’la Twi’ek can fight the women’s roster, or the two can team up to face any tag-team. The possibilities are endless for this duo!


Dirty Gene Driver – Michinoku driver
Kroll Skull Crusher – cranium crunch
Run of the Mill Suplex – hanging vertical suplex
Force Choke – choke with tentacles


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Far, Far Away Tag-Team Set – NDC Games Day 2017


Far, Far AwayFar, Far Away
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • Mee’la Twi’ek
  • Wheebo Rodes

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