KnightFallHeight: 6′ 3″
Weight: 215 lbs.
The Shadow Land


After the sudden turn by Ginger Rogers, Biordi had to resort to unconventional means to help build his Protectors of the Galaxy team. Who could Biordi trust more than himself? The answer is no one! Biordi has recruited KnightFall to join his team! KnightFall is the Don Biordi from an alternate universe known as the Shadow Land. KnightFall, whose real name is Don Vitus, is a member of the legendary Shadow Knights who defend the Shadow Land from the forces of evil. Upon entering this universe, KnightFall has lost the powers he possessed in the Shadow Land. Not to mention the ring of power, which gives his armor extraordinary powers has been taken by an unknown accomplice. Biordi has sworn to help KnightFall reclaim his powers in exchange for KnightFall’s services in vanquishing the Deadly Alliance from NDW.

Biordi is the only person to know KnightFall’s true identity. Not even the other Protectors of the Galaxy are aware of this. After the recent banishment of the Future Shock team from the GWF, Biordi did not want to take any chances with this secret in fear of legal ramifications. That is why you will never see KnightFall without his mask.

KnightFall’s wrestling style is very similar to this universe’s counterpart. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant from the training he received as a Shadow Knight. This training has also instilled the need to do the right thing – and right now the right thing is to help rid the NDW of the Deadly Alliance. He will start by going after Headhunter Travis Deadly! Then he will work on reclaiming his powers by finding his ring of power. Do Jon Heel and the Deadly Alliance have anything to do with the lost ring? Only time will tell!


Doom and Gloom – splash in the corner followed by a bulldog
Shadow Land Assault – giant swing
Darkness Slide – baseball slide dropkick in the corner
S-Factor – Alabama Slam
Shadow Spear – football tackle
Dusk to Dawn – gorilla press into a piledriver
Silhouette Squeeze – bear hug into a bridging suplex
FALL FROM GRACE – falling swan dive head butt


Character Creation: Don Biordi
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Don Biordi
Card Release: Seeing Red Expansion – GalactiCon 2017


Seeing Red ExpansionSeeing Red
Four Full-Color Game Cards

  • Vladimir Plasma
  • Jacklyn Snow
  • KnightFall
  • Red Scare

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