Battle Axe

Battle Axe Card ArtHeight: 6′ 5″
Weight: 310 lbs.
Stavanger, Norway


Our story revolves around a special mythical weapon known as, the Propylaea. It is a special hammer and axe forged together by three mythical beings to be given to the most capable warrior. The handle of the Propylaea is a gift from Virtus, the Roman god of bravery and military strength. The hammer side of the head is a gift from Týr, the Norse god of law and heroic glory. While the bladed side of the head was provided by the Greek spirit of victory, Nike. These three mythical beings gave the Propylaea to Tohil, the Mayan god associated with fire, the sun, rain, mountains, and war. Tohil was tasked with keeping the Propylaea safe from anyone deemed unworthy to wield its power. This weapon must be kept safe because it has powers beyond imagination. It allows the wielder to exist outside of space and time. Whoever holds the Propylaea can go to any place, in any realm, at any time, past, present, and even the future.

Tohil has hidden the Propylaea in the Mayan temples of what is now Tulum, Mexico. He has appointed the area’s greatest warrior, Bahadur, to guard the weapon with his life. Bahadur is a master swordsman, who later became known by his nickname, Broadsword. Due to Broadsword’s close proximity to Propylaea, he has been able to stay in his physical prime for centuries without aging a single day. Each day, Broadsword stood guard over the hidden Propylaea weapon, ready to face any warrior in combat who wishes to take it.

Many such instances have occurred, where the mightiest of warriors have fallen to Broadsword’s blade. In fact, after so many great warriors have gone missing on their quest to uncover the Propylaea, its legend had become more and more of a folktale that is used as a story to tell around a campfire. It was not an actual quest that anyone would ever willingly embark on.

That was until a Viking warship had been lost at sea in the year 1323 AD. Caught in an unbelievable storm, the ship crashed somewhere off the coast of what is now modern day Mexico. All of the people onboard the ship were killed during the storm, except for one man. This man was Sandro, a young servant to the ship’s master. Sandro had never seen any form of combat as this was his first journey abroad. Sandro is a very large man with great physical strength, but now he was forced to fend for himself in an unknown land. He had to adapt quickly to his new surroundings. He taught himself how to hunt, fish, build, and generally survive in this new land. He had built himself a sustainable shelter where he lived for over eight years, surviving any way that he could. Sandro slowly ventured westward from the coast before he stumbled upon his first sign of human life on the outskirts of Mayan civilization. It was then where Sandro found himself face to face with the legendary warrior known as Broadsword.

Immediately, Broadsword jumped into action to fight Sandro in combat. Sandro did not understand what was happening, but knew he had to fight for his life. The two men battled for what seemed like days, neither of them growing tired. During the fight Sandro managed to disarm Broadsword, and Broadsword was facing defeat for the first time in his life. Sandro held Broadsword’s own weapon to his fallen opponent’s neck. Broadsword lowered his eyes as he knew his end had come, but instead Sandro threw the weapon aside and helped the fallen opponent to his feet. Right then and there, Sandro swore to never take a human life.

As this happened the stones of the nearby temple began to separate and lightning struck the top of the building. There the Propylaea appeared for the first time before the eyes of man. Broadsword explained to Sandro what he has uncovered and that it, and all the power, now belonged to Sandro himself. Sandro insisted that Broadsword accompanied him on his journey for combat as his partner. Broadsword agreed, and the two men ascended to the top of the temple to retrieve the Propylaea. Right before he seized the weapon, Sandro declared he will now be known as Battle Axe, and the two men had become the Mythical Warriors. They decided to travel through space and time to be tested by the very best. Since Battle Axe has vowed to never take a human life, he and Broadsword found combat through athletic competition.

Just then, Battle Axe took control of the Propylaea, lightning struck the ground beside the Mythical Warriors and they vanished from sight, and they next appeared…


Valhalla Awaits – tombstone piledriver
Viking Funeral – crucifix powerbomb
Burning Hammer – inverted Death Valley Driver
CALL THE LIGHTNING – running Superman punch


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Rick Linkenheimer
Character Drawing: Bill Gueguen
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Mythical Warriors Tag-Team Set – Twitter Contest 2016


Mythical WarriorsMythical Warriors
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • Battle Axe
  • Broadsword

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