TroyBoy Card ArtHeight: 6′ 2″
Weight: 220 lbs.
Chicago, IL


TroyBoy, The Mighty Troy, Troy Knight, no matter which name he is using at the moment, for over a decade he has been one of the most popular and significant wrestlers in the independent scene. Born Troy Knight, he is the son of legendary retired wrestling star The Last Knight, but Troy’s familial relationship has long been strained, to say the least. After training under his father, who’s wrestling school has gone on to become the top trainer of independent stars and champions, Troy and his father parted ways over his, shall we say, ambiguous life style.

After finishing his training, Troy took his skills to several top independent feds across the galaxy. Today, he is in constant demand. Wherever he goes, he brings a fan base that will immediately fill stadiums and sell tickets. But, with that popularity, he also brings a lot of baggage, and a long list of enemies. His flashy personality and sarcastic, quick-witted tongue always guarantee a great series of bitter feuds in any fed in which he arrives.

Today, after stints in most of the biggest and best independent feds in the galaxy, TroyBoy finally arrives in the GWF. Still, he remains as phlegmatic as ever. He has yet to sign a long term contract, so he makes only irregular and inconsistent appearances in the GWF. Challenging hero and villain alike, Troy often shows up just in time to headline a supercard, or highlight a major event, as always, seeking the glory and adoration of the fans, more than belts and personal accomplishments.

Because of his irregular appearances, Troy cannot be ranked or hold titles, but that doesn’t stop him from going after some of the biggest names in the GWF. Troy has particularly drawn the ire of Wolf recently, referring to him as Rover, buying him a dog collar, and suggesting that Wolf be flea dipped and given a bath before any future match. Needless to say, Wolf is not amused. Their inevitable confrontation promises to be a new GWF classic.


Sassy Spin Kick – savate kick rebounding from the middle rope
Sweets Dream Dropkick – dropkick to the back of the head
Hunk-a-Rana – top rope hurricanrana
Boystown Body Slam – scoop powerslam lifting the opponent by the buttox
Cradle of ConTROversY – schoolboy roll-up using the tights
FlamBOYant Forearm – springboard diving forearm smash
RUMP THUMP – top rope butt drop


Character Creation: Gary Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Gary Atkinson
Card Release: Intergalactic Pitt Fight The Game Edition – Intergalactic Pitt Fight 2016


Intergalactic Pitt FightIntergalactic Pitt Fight
Four Full-Color Game Cards

  • Jon Heel
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Pitt Viper
  • TroyBoy

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