Ric Flaireon

Ric Flaireon Cart ArtHeight: 6′ 1″
Weight: 243 lbs.
Andromeda 13


Ric Flaireon is the biggest star in the galaxy to never become a part of the GWF. He has styled and profiled his way through all of the active promotions throughout the galactic wrestling territories.  Ric Flaireon has held a record-setting number of championships capturing titles in every place he has wrestled.

Before becoming the legendary icon he is today, Ric Flaireon started his career as “Normal” Ricky Evie, a fox like Ani-Man from Andromeda. Ricky had the natural talent for wrestling and god-given athletic ability that any up and coming wrestler would desire. However, once Ricky Evie reached a certain level in his training, he started to blend in with the crowd. Ricky soon realized that he had reached his physical peak and that others in his training class would soon pass him by. In order to make himself stand out, Ricky went to his trainer and asked for help. Ricky’s trainer, who had been known to take part in illegal performance enhancing practices, had given Ricky a mysterious stone that had been mined from the Fourth Realm.

The stone had been marked with a flame and was hot to the touch. When Ricky Evie was exposed to the stone it had merged with his body and caused him to evolve into a much more powerful creature. Ricky Evie had become Ric Flaireon! Not only had his physical characteristics changed, but so did his attitude. He was no longer trying to be the top student, he was now the man! The mysterious trainer who had given the stone to Ric Flaireon was never heard from again.

Ric Flaireon quickly found success throughout the wrestling territories. He had won his first championship within his first year of wrestling, and he continued to win them countless times. He had become an overnight star. Ric Flaireon lived the life of a king. He used his success to brand himself as the biggest and most important wrestling star in the galaxy. This success made him an attraction sought after by many smaller promotions. Signing Ric Flaireon for a super card would give even the most obscure federation instant credibility. However, due to his outside of the ring behavior and his inability to sign a long-term contract, many of these wrestling federations were actually hurt and lost money for bringing Ric Flaireon on board.

One federation that did not want to chance having Ric Flaireon on their roster was the Galaxian Wrestling Federation, better known as the GWF. They did not want the baggage that came along with Ric Flaireon, as they were already the galaxy’s most successful wrestling federation. Also, the GWF was not pleased with the controversial means in which Ric Flaireon had become so powerful. They were having their own problems with illegal cybernetic enhancements in their early years.

Now that the Gary Atkinson Memorial Tournament is here, many top wrestling stars from all over the galaxy are invited to participate in the annual tournament. This includes many top wrestlers from the GWF, independent standouts, and of course, Ric Flaireon. Ric Flaireon has promised to show the whole wrestling world that he is the man, by adding the “Birdie” trophy to his growing collection of wrestling championships.


Fire Fang Suplex – vertical suplex
Sand Attack Knee Drop – somersault knee drop
Lava Plume Chops – knife edge chops in the corner
Ember Elbow Drop – delayed elbow drop
Fire Spin Dropkick – high angle dropkick
Smog Shin Breaker – drop opponent’s shin across own knee
Last Resort Chop Block – shoulder tackle to the back of the knee
FLAIR BLITZ LEG LOCK – figure four leg lock


Character Creation: Garrett Milnes, Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Card – International Tabletop Day 2017


Ric FlaireonRic Flaireon
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  • Ric Flaireon

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