Powerhouse Patterson

Powerhouse PattersonHeight: 6′ 9″
Weight: 315 lbs.
Pittsburgh, PA


Fred Patterson grew up wanting to become a professional wrestler. Being gifted with great size, Fred thought he could easily make in wrestling. Even though Fred was never formally trained, a promoter outside of Pittsburgh, PA gave Fred his big break in the Suburban Wrestling Alliance (SWA). Fred was relying on his size to get him through, and lied to the promoter about his in-ring experience or lack thereof.

When Fred Patterson debuted in SWA, he challenged the biggest guy on the roster, Sasquatch Smith. The clash of the titans was heavily advertised in the Pittsburgh area, but many fans were disappointed by the match itself. Sasquatch Smith defeated Fred Patterson within one minute after Smith caused the rookie to pass out in a bear hug. The irate promoter demoted Fred Patterson to being a referee.

As a referee, Fred Patterson would constantly go into business for himself and favor the fan favorite wrestlers. This caused Fred to be very unpopular amongst the wrestlers in the locker room, but the fans kind of liked him for it. One wrestler in particular, who hated Patterson, was a man named, The Music Maker. The Music Maker was challenging for the SWA Championship when referee, Fred Patterson attacked him during the match. The match was thrown out and a furious Music Maker chased Fred out of the building.

The following night, a rematch was signed for the championship. Fred Patterson was not the referee for this match. However, during the championship bout, the assigned referee was accidentally knocked out by the champion. While the referee was down, Fred Patterson ran down to the ring with a steel chair. The fans were going nuts as they believed Patterson was about to cost The Music Maker the SWA Championship yet again!

What happened next will live in infamy! Instead of hitting The Music Maker with the chair, Patterson instead knocked out the champion. The Music Maker covered the champion with one finger while Patterson made the quick count. It was all a ruse! The two men had planned this for months. Secretly The Music Maker had been training Patterson. When The Music Maker believed that Patterson was ready, they pulled off one of the biggest swerves in wrestling, and The Music Maker left with the SWA Championship while being pelted with garbage thrown by the angry wrestling fans.

Later The Music Maker and Fred Patterson added their attorney, The Executive, to the group and began referring to themselves as World Dominance! Patterson and The Executive formed a successful tag-team in the SWA while The Music Maker had a stranglehold on the SWA Championship. This was due in part to outside interference from the other members of World Dominance.

After two years of The Music Maker holding the title, a battle royal was setup to determine his next challenger. Both The Executive and Fred Patterson were in the match. These two men teamed up and eliminated everyone else in the match and were the final two left in the ring. Patterson ordered The Executive to jump over the top rope to eliminate himself, and it appeared that The Executive was going to comply, but he turned and attacked Patterson at the last second. The two fought for several minutes until Fred Patterson gained the upper hand and tossed out The Executive!

Fred arrogantly changed his name to Powerhouse Patterson after his big battle royal win. However, Powerhouse Patterson never received his championship opportunity. The Music Maker left the SWA with the title and the promotion folded soon after with Powerhouse Patterson as the number one contender. The SWA has been closed for seven years, but Powerhouse Patterson is still demanding his title shot! The Music Maker continues to carry the title with him to this day, and has been avoiding Powerhouse Patterson at all costs.

Powerhouse Patterson will wrestle in any promotion that will book him. He is a huge man and a true powerhouse in the ring. He is an attraction that fans really want to see. Other wrestlers, who have heard of his past, will not trust him. He has turned his back on all his allies to serve his own needs. He is battling his way through all the independent promotions he can in hopes of one day cashing in his title opportunity with The Music Maker. It does not matter to either one of these men that the SWA Championship is no longer active; it’s still real to them!


412 Splash – running splash in the turnbuckle
Penguins Body Check – hip block from the ropes
Steelers Football Tackle – running spear
Pirates Baseball Slide – low dropkick to an upside opponent in the corner
Incline Submission – camel clutch
THREE RIVERS BOMB – a series of three powerbombs


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Broc Atkinson
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Release – GalactiCon 2018


Powerhouse PattersonPowerhouse Patterson
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