NightmareHeight: 6′ 5″
Weight: 275 lbs.
Andromeda 13


Mr. Filsinger is no fool. He knew that his entire team could not be built from unknown sources and rookie kids. He also searched into races that had great success at earlier times but were unrepresented in the GWF now. One of the first planets he visited was Andromeda. He spent nearly two weeks trying to convince any Ani-Men to join his stable, but most were leery and distrustful of his motives. In fact, the only positive answer he got was from a short and tubby individual named, Orville the Warthog. Mr. Filsinger politely refused the warthog, and flew off to Andromeda 7, a small moon of Andromeda’s main planet. This moon is the home of the Andromeda Internment Facility, the system’s toughest prison. Simply put, once someone is placed in the Andromeda 7’s prison, they are supposed to remain there for life. Mr. Filsinger had other ideas.

On Andromeda’s 7, Mr. Filsinger pulled a few strings, passed around some money and arranged for the release of two prisoners interred there from the days of the Andromeda-Aethra War. These two Ani-Men had done the unthinkable; they had defected to the Aethran Army and fought against their own people in that war. They spent two years training in the Aethran Special Forces, the same non-Aethran military unit that once trained and sent Wolf into the GWF. They were finally captured when the Ani-Men’s army captured their vessel on a spy mission into the Andromedan system. They were tried and sentenced to life in prison. They have been there ever since. Now Mr. Filsinger has gotten them released, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew. The two horrifying Ani-Men that Mr. Filsinger has worked so hard to release are unpredictable and are concerned only about them. They have no interest in Mr. Filsinger or his problems; they want only to punish the Ani-Men for their years of imprisonment. They also are angry at the Aethreans for leaving them abandoned in prison for so long. These vendettas leave these two Aethrean trained Ani-Men, named Nightmare and Hellhound, a very dangerous and unpredictable combination indeed.

Nightmare is half-man half-horse, with an attitude from which bad dreams are spun. He is agile, and skilled, in wrestling, with an incredible ability to induce fear. Nightmare’s finisher is called the WAKE UP SCREAMING. This maneuver demonstrates the length to which Nightrnare will go to induce terror in his opponent. Nightmare uses a sleeper to put his opponent under, but just before the sleeper finishes the match, he releases it and sets up for an incredible splash from the top turnbuckle. However, just before he leaps, Nightmare throws cold water onto the opponent, jolting him to consciousness just in time to see the flying beast slam into his body.

Hellhound is half-man, half-wild rabid dog. He is strong and violent, looking less human than animal, he too presents an intimidating and frightening appearance in the ring. Hellhound uses the HOWL OF THE DEVIL’S DOG as his singles finisher. This maneuver is a variation of the camel clutch, which Hellhound will not release until the victim is wailing in agony, like a dog howling at the moon. When in tag matches, Hellhound uses a tag finisher called HORRORS OF THE NIGHT. Hellhound tags Nightmare, and both climb to the top turnbuckles, then in perfect timing, they drop-kick the opponent from opposite ends, leaving a crushed opponent laid-out for the easy pin. Both also use the Gladiator Piledriver and the Ani-Man Axehandle, demonstrating how unsure of their heritage, these two creatures are.

This text originally appeared in The Filsinger Corporation: The Owner Strikes Back!!! in 1999.


WAKE UP SCREAMING – sleeper hold followed by a big splash


Character Creation: Sam Luptak, Jr.
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Sam Luptak, Jr.
Card Release: NDC Games Day – October, 2018


Creatures of the Night
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  • Hellhound
  • Nightmare

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