The White Knight

The White KnightHeight: 6’ 1”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Leeds, England


At one time, Allan Locke was a prized pupil of The Last Knight and a standout student at Knight’s School Wrestling Academy. However, those accomplishments did not last very long. Locke’s outside of the ring behavior did not put him in The Last Knight’s good graces. Allan Locke quickly earned the reputation of a womanizer. He used his newfound fame as a way to court women, and that quickly became the young wrestler’s focus, rather than his in-ring work.

After Allan had missed several dates he was booked to compete, The Last Knight had no choice but to cut ties with the up-and-coming wrestler. Unfortunately for Allan Locke, this happened as Next Dimension Wrestling was being developed, and he lost his place on the roster to Ginger Rogers. Allan Locke went out on his own and took every independent booking that he could find, but his star quickly faded without the backing of The Last Knight.

Whenever Allan Locke became down and out, the independent opportunities were less frequent. This also hurt his chances with the women he so desperately desired. That is when Allan Locke decided he needed to turn his life around. He spent nearly six straight months in isolation to avoid the temptations and distractions that kept him from reaching his full potential. During this time, Locke trained like a man possessed and morphed his body into a wrestling machine. He was better than ever!

Now with a new set of priorities and a different outlook on both his career and lifestyle, Allan Locke has returned to The Last Knight. The timing could not have been better for Allan Locke. Ginger Rogers had left the Knights of the Round Table several months prior and joined the villainous Deadly Alliance team as Red Scare. Allan Locke returned to the team he was groomed for with a second chance. Unfortunately for Rajah Ring Royalty, a spot on the team needed to be made, and unfortunately, Rajah’s was the spot taken. That decision was easy for The Last Knight to make, as Rajah has been giving into his animal instincts more and more. It also gives Allan Locke a new rivalry upon entering the NDW ranks.

With his second chance, Allan Locke has given himself a new ring name, The White Knight, in order to symbolize his pure lifestyle. The White Knight has targeted lifelong enemy of the Knight wrestling family, B.A. Jerk to a new feud. He sees B.A. Jerk as a mirror of his old self, a jerk who needs to be put on the right path. B.A. Jerk is a much larger wrestler, but The White Knight is the complete athlete. Their matches are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

At the Knight’s School Wrestling Academy, The White Knight became instant friends with a female trainee by the name of Cheryl Cacola. This new friendship quickly became something more as the two became involved in a romantic relationship. It was not like the other women that Allan Locke pursued in the past, The White Knight had real feelings for Cheryl. In order to keep favor with The Last Knight, the two have decided to keep their budding relationship a secret.


L-Shaped Jump – flying leg lariat
Knight’s Tour – running snap powerslam
Endgame DDT – elevated DDT with the opponent’s feet draped across the second rope
Knight Takes Pawn – Olympic slam
CHECKMATE – running cutter
THE ALLAN LOCK – reverse Boston crab


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Series Two – Pack Three – March, 2018


Series Two – Pack Three
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • Adam Prometheus
  • The White Knight

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