The Cheese

The CheeseHeight: 5′ 9″
Weight: 255 lbs.
Bradford, PA


The Cheese is a brand new addition to the world of wrestling. He’s not a guy who grew up a fan of the business with dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. Instead, he is a man who knows the difference between right and wrong! More specifically, he knows what Jon Heel and the Deadly Alliance have been up to is wrong.

The Cheese was first introduced to professional wrestling when a group of his buddies was gathered watching an NDW super card pay-per-view event. During the broadcast, The Cheese was half watching the show, half socializing with his friends. One thing caught his eye and took him by surprise. It was a match between Headhunter Travis Deadly and Pitt Viper. The Cheese quickly noticed that Travis Deadly was not trying to win the match, but instead looking to hurt Pitt Viper all while his manager Jon Heel was barking out orders at ringside. The Cheese was appalled by these actions. As he watched, the Cheese quickly realized that the Deadly Alliance was made up of some pretty awful people. He then realized that they were being opposed by a group of guys who wanted to run them out of NDW, the Protectors of the Galaxy.

Believing in what the Protectors of the Galaxy stand for, The Cheese decided that he wanted to join their cause. The Cheese joined the Black and Blue Wrestling Academy and started training to become a wrestler. As soon as the Cheese learned the basics, he left the training facility in order to meet up with Biordi to try and join the Protectors of the Galaxy.

Upon meeting the Cheese, Biordi admired his ambition to do the right thing, but also did not want to put the inexperienced rookie in harm’s way; therefore, the two came up with a compromise. The Cheese has agreed to become a prospect of the Protectors of the Galaxy. After he gains a little more experience, he will be offered membership to the team. Until then, Biordi has set up matches for him with competitive opponents from the Knights of the Round Table and the Black and Blue Crew. These wrestlers will give him a fair and honest match, without trying to end his career before it starts. The Cheese’s wrestling style is quite basic, but he was able to nickname all of his moves after types of cheeses.

The Cheese has an extensive background in technology. He has offered to use the skills he has acquired to develop a device to track down KnightFall’s lost ring of power. He is using the energy signature from KnightFall’s armor to locate the ring. So far The Cheese has not been able to find the ring’s whereabouts, but he is committed to trying. This has made him a valuable asset to the Protectors team as he develops more tech to be used for their mission.


Provolone Piledriver – package piledriver
Swiss Super-Plex – top rope belly-to-belly suplex
Gorgonzola Grip – cobra clutch


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Don Biordi, Justin Christjohn, Ken Frederick
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson, Don Biordi, Ken Frederick
Card Release: Series Two – Pack One


Series Two - Pack OneSeries Two – Pack One
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • The Cheese
  • FnKen

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