Pete Cottontail

Pete Cottontail Card ArtHeight: 6′ 1″
Weight: 210 lbs.
The Bunny Trail


What happens when a friendly Easter Bunny is poached for one of his lucky feet and survives the ordeal? A psychopathic lunatic enters the squared circle!

Pete Cottontail was one of many Easter Bunnies who would visit children on Easter Sunday to deliver a basket of treats and hide eggs for their enjoyment. Pete loved what he did, he didn’t do it for the glory, he did to give the children something to believe in. Never seen but always appreciated, Pete Cottontail was happy with his life.

All that changed the Saturday before last Easter. It started out normally. Pete Cottontail had filled his magic overalls with eggs, loaded up all his baskets, packed a few carrots for the road, and set out on his journey to deliver joy to all the children. As soon as Pete stepped out of his hidden forest cottage, a gunshot rang out. A bullet hit Pete Cottontail in the arm, thankfully missing any vital organs. While Pete was still conscious, the masked poacher emerged from the darkness and cut off Pete’s front right paw to sell as a lucky rabbit’s foot. The pain and shock of the whole ordeal caused Pete to slip into a coma leaving him fighting for his life.

Three weeks later, Pete wakes up in the hospital, or more accurately, a veterinarian’s office. The woodland creatures all worked together and dragged him to the closest one they could find. The veterinarian nursed Pete back to health, but he was unable to save poor Pete’s arm. Instead he fashioned together a crudely built prosthetic arm with a grabbing claw at the end. When Pete was aware enough to realize what had happened to him he sprung out of the hospital bed and threw the veterinarian through the front window. Using the powerful claw at the end of his arm, he completely tore off the poor veterinarian’s foot before running into the wilderness.

Some time has passed, and we have now entered the season of Lent. Pete Cottontail has emerged for the first time. He is covered in blood and wearing the foot of the poor veterinarian around his neck. Pete found his way into the world of professional wrestling where he hopes to deliver pain and torture to the things he despises most, human beings. With a never ending supply of carrots and eggs and an appetite for fear and destruction, Pete Cottontail is ready to destroy every human wrestler put in front of him.

Inside the ring Pete is a brawler with marginal wrestling skills. Pete has had some form of wrestling training because he holds his own very well, but since he will not speak to humans, nobody knows who is behind his early success. He has the speed and agility of a rabbit which makes him a quick study in the art of wrestling. There is also some controversy about Pete’s robotic arm. Many say it gives him an unfair advantage, but fed officials say it is a prosthetic limb. There are no rules that say it is illegal.

How will these things factor to his success in your fed? Pete Cottontail could be a cruiserweight contender or even go for a special matches title. It’s up to you promoter!


Snap Hare – simple snap mare performed by a rabbit
Metallic Running Lariat – running clothesline using his prosthetic arm
Lucky Human’s Foot – ankle lock with the intent of twisting off the opponent’s foot
Bunny Hop – double stomp from the top rope
Basket Piledriver – package piledriver
BAD EGG – vise grip with robotic hand


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Broc Atkinson
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Card – Easter 2016


Pete CottontailPete Cottontail
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