Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III

Lord Nigel Turnbuckle IIIHeight: 6′ 5″
Weight: 275 lbs.
Liverpool, England


At the very beginning of Next Dimension Wrestling, an investor by the name of Nigel Turnbuckle approached both The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar and offered to purchase the company. The Last Knight and Bob Hagar both declined his offer as they were not interested in selling their brand new company. Nigel Turnbuckle was not happy with their refusal to sell. Mr. Turnbuckle saw a lot of potential for growth in NDW and expected a huge return on his investment.

Unbeknownst to The Last Knight and Bob Hagar, Nigel Turnbuckle had a son. His son is Nigel Turnbuckle III. Nigel Turnbuckle III is a very well decorated ametuer wrestler. He has done so well in international wrestling competitions that the royal family has given him the title of lord. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III has been trained by an unknown trainer in professional wrestling, paid for by his father. This trainer has been training Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III in secret for the past two years. His raw power and wrestling skills made Lord Turnbuckle a quick study. Now this mysterious trainer is ready to unleash Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III on the NDW roster.

With the main goal of embarrassing members of The Knights of the Round Table and Black and Blue Crew, Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III is ready to take on the NDW. His main focus in on the leaders of those respective teams, Di-Smash and Lambert. This is all to avenge the lack of respect that Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III believes the NDW showed his father a couple of years ago.


Spot of Tea Driver – piledriver
Fish and Chips Neckbreaker – dragon sleeper drop
Royal Family Drop – back body drop against the ropes
Buckingham Buster – muscle buster
Punch and Judy Knockout – quick jab followed by running knee smash
PIP PIP, CHEERIO – running bulldog


Character Creation: George Broderick, Jr.
Character Drawing: George Broderick, Jr.
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition – NDC Games Day 2018


Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
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  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III

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