León Volador

León VoladorHeight: 5′ 10″
Weight: 203 lbs.
Andromeda 13


León Volador was not Bob Hagar’s first choice to join Hagar’s Soldiers. After an unfortunate assault on Hunter Green, Bob Hagar called an audible and brought León Volador into the fold. León Volador was chosen due to the similar wrestling style of Hunter Green. Coming from Andromeda 13, León Volador is the first member of Hagar’s Soldiers to not be from Earth. León Volador, being a smaller wrestler, wanted to learn all he could before making his debut. After spending a few years in Mexico to learn the Lucha libre style, León Volador started donning a mask, leading many to speculate that he is not an actual AniMan. 

The rest of Hagar’s Soldiers do not make it a secret that they would have rather had Hunter Green on their team instead of León Volador. This has served as León Volador’s motivation to be the very best that he can be. Although he is not friends with the rest of his team, León Volador sees this as a wonderful opportunity to break into NDW and be involved in a lot of top matches.

Not wanting to risk their own careers in matches with FnKen, the other members of Hagar’s Soldiers have left that task up to León Volador. This feud is set to make León Volador look bad, but León Volador sees it as an opportunity to prove himself. It is the perfect scenario for the newcomer. He either holds his own against one of the biggest and best NDW has to offer in FnKen in a losing effort or León Volador gets some upset wins, making him a huge star.


Lionsault – rebounding moonsault from the second rope
Big Cat Backbreaker – tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
Lion’s Roar – springboard tornado DDT
KING OF THE JUNGLE – Mexican surfboard submission


Character Creation: Chris Adametz, Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Chris Adametz
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Generations 2135 – GalactiCon 2019


NDW Generations 2135NDW Generations 2135
Eight Full-Color Game Cards

  • Bob N64
  • Hot Pink
  • Kung Fu Chris
  • León Volador
  • Marvelous Mike
  • Raven Stark
  • Robert Hagar-Knight
  • Unlucky

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