Lance Romance

Lance Romance Card ArtHeight: 6′ 2″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Canton, OH


Lance Romance has joined the Next Dimension Wrestling roster to meet women. He is the stereotypical Don Juan of the wrestling world. He carries a rose with him to the ring to give to the women at ringside that catch his eye. He has also been known to leave a rose on the prone bodies of defeated opponents.

Lance Romance has the potential to become a huge star in NDW. His style is that of a long-time ring veteran, even though he is quite new to wrestling. He is coming into the promotion at the same time as a lot of other top talent, but he has the skill to quickly rise to the top. His first main rival is Captain Adam: Space Pirate. Will Lance Romance score big in and out of the ring?


Slap of Rejection – backhand slap
Heartbreaker – heart punch
Two-Timing Suplex – pair of German suplexes
Afternoon Delight – victory roll
Hide Your Wives – falling reverse neckbreaker
The Crush – Rocker Dropper
BYE FELICIA – release T-bone suplex


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Lance Wyatt
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson, Lance Wyatt
Card Release: Heroes and Villains Expansion – GalactiCon 2016


Heroes and VillainsHeroes and Villains
Four Full-Color Game Cards

  • Captain Adam: Space Pirate
  • Biordi
  • Halloween Hank
  • Lance Romance

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