Jacklyn Snow

Jacklyn SnowHeight: 4′ 10″
Weight: 98 lbs.
The Arctic Circle


What happens when Jack Frost fathers a child with one of Santa’s elves? Jacklyn Snow is born! Jacklyn Snow is an evil Halfling who hates Christmas. Seeing her family and people making toys for spoiled little boys and girls makes her sick! Halloween Hank heard of this young elf and brought her to NDW to join his Holiday Horror team. Jacklyn Snow is very small in stature, but do not underestimate her toughness. Her slippery skin inherited from her father is rock hard. This not only helps her to slip out of wrestling holds, but also allows her to absorb more punishment than most men three times her size! Many opponents see the small Jacklyn Snow and mistakenly feel she will be an easy victory. Although not very strong, Jacklyn Snow is as tough as they come! She even has limited ice manipulation powers that she can expertly use without being caught by the referee.

Jacklyn Snow was the original tag-team partner of Vladimir Plasma of the tag-team Frost Bite. Now that Vladimir Plasma has joined Monster Mash, Jacklyn Snow is tagging with Pete Cottontail to form the tag-team Snow Bunny. Pete Cottontail and Jacklyn Snow share a hatred for humanity, especially spoiled-rotten children. Halloween Hank expects for Jacklyn Snow to become a singles star after Pete Cottontail breaks her into the wrestling business.


Snowflake Flip – rolling bulldog
Frozen Fist to the Face – Snow freezes her fist and punches the opponent in the face
Snow Blind – Jacklyn Snow uses her ice powers to blast opponent in the eyes
Arctic Attack – springboard dropkick to the back of the opponent’s head
FALLING ICICLE – double stomp from the top rope to the opponent’s chest


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Seeing Red Expansion – GalactiCon 2017


Seeing Red ExpansionSeeing Red
Four Full-Color Game Cards

  • Vladimir Plasma
  • Jacklyn Snow
  • KnightFall
  • Red Scare

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