Hot Date Perry

Hot Date PerryHeight: 6′ 4″
Weight: 236 lbs.
Buffalo, NY


When Jon Heel announced that Hot Date Perry had been signed to the Deadly Alliance, a lot of people were confused. On the other hand, one person was furious! Headhunter Travis Deadly immediately quit the team when it was announced that Hot Date Perry was coming onboard.

Hot Date Perry, whether deserved or not, has a reputation for being unreliable. In the past, Hot Date Perry has been known to not show up for various events. It was always assumed that he was on a hot date, but those accusations have never been confirmed. Hot Date Perry never gave any excuses. This reputation has caused NDW officials to hesitate in offering a contract to Hot Date Perry. However, Hot Date Perry, or HDP, as he is called by those closest to him, swears that is the past. Now he is a new man and he’s ready to prove it!

At first glance, Hot Date Perry and Lance Romance hated each other! They saw each other as direct competition with the ladies. After one night out together, that all changed. They were the perfect wingman for each other and the women were plenty. Ever since that first outing, Lance Romance and Hot Date Perry have been inseparable and formed the Wingmen, the Deadly Alliance’s newest top tag team.

Hot Date Perry claims that he was Headhunter Travis Deadly’s replacement on the Deadly Alliance, even though Travis quit because of HDP’s addition to the team. These two men will be involved in a bitter side feud when Hot Date Perry isn’t teaming with Lance Romance against the Treasure Hunters.

Now that he is a full-fledged member of the NDW roster, Hot Date Perry is on a mission to prove himself against all comers. He is also working to gain the trust of his Wingmen tag team partner, Lance Romance. “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar even gave HDP an ultimatum. If Hot Date Perry can make it to ten straight bookings without missing an event, Bob Hagar will give Hot Date Perry his own live talk show on Friday nights, the Hot Date Motel!


Leisure Suit Lariat – ripcord clothesline
Sleazy-Sault – springboard moonsault
Repugnant Elbow Drop – rebounding elbow drop
Sordid Suplex – float-over belly to back suplex
Dirty Driver – Death Valley Driver
GETTING IT IN – inverted atomic drop from the second rope


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Ken Frederick, Perry Scinta
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Born Again 2136 – August 2020


NDW Born Again 2136NDW Born Again 2136
Ten Full-Color Game Cards

  • “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar
  • Bunny Hop
  • C. Hawk McCoy
  • C.M. Peck
  • Candy Apple
  • Dark Eros
  • Hot Date Perry
  • Hunter Green
  • “TNT” Jesse Lee
  • The Last Knight

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