FnKenHeight: 6′ 6″
Weight: 391 lbs.
West View, PA


There is no man in NDW who is more connected than FnKen. FnKen is the brother-in-law of Buck Blake. He has friends on both sides of the war between the Protectors of the Galaxy and Deadly Alliance rivalry. Plus, he is also responsible for introducing Eagle Richards and Falcon Parker to the Last Knight. FnKen felt like he would be offered a place in NDW when it first formed, but instead, it has taken over a year for him to find a spot on the roster.

FnKen feels that his blacklisting from NDW comes from the influence of B.A. Jerk, who was the first acquisition to the roster outside the original eight wrestlers. B.A. Jerk has been involved in a rivalry with Buck Blake since well before their days in NDW. In fact, B.A. Jerk has had issues with Buck Blake, FnKen, and their other brother-in-law, Average Joe, better known as the League of Brother-In-Laws, for well over a decade. B.A. Jerk was disappointed to see Buck Blake join the NDW ranks, and did all the backstage politicking that he could to keep the other League of Brother-In-Laws members out, more specifically FnKen.

Due to his late arrival to the NDW scene, the giant known as FnKen has decided to remain neutral in the Protectors of the Galaxy against the Deadly Alliance feud. However, family comes first, and FnKen will form an occasional tag-team with Buck Blake known as the League of Brother-In-Laws. FnKen also remains good friends with the Birds of Prey as well as Biordi, The Cheese, Lance Romance, and several other wrestlers in NDW. Some old rivalries from the past are still there for FnKen, such as ones with Captain Adam: Space Pirate and Headhunter Travis Deadly. However, FnKen is mainly focused on dealing with the man who has kept him out of NDW, B.A. Jerk.

FnKen is a veteran in the ring and a giant among his peers. He is the biggest wrestler on the NDW roster, and his in-ring style reflects that. He also feels like he has a lot to prove. After being left out of NDW for its first year of operation, FnKen has gotten quite the chip on his shoulder. He wants to show both the Last Knight and Bob Hagar that they made a mistake in not signing him to a contract in the beginning. To do this FnKen is looking to claim the NDW Dimensional Championship, and with no real distractions in sight, he may achieve that goal rather quickly! Time will tell!


Punisher Splash – running splash to a downed opponent
Suspender Snap – snapping singlet strap across the opponent’s face
You Have Been Chopped – overhand chop to the top of the head
INFINITY GAUNTLET – top rope fist drop
INFINITY WAR – frog splash


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Don Biordi, Justin Christjohn, Ken Frederick
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson, Don Biordi, Justin Christjohn
Card Release: Series Two – Pack One


Series Two - Pack OneSeries Two – Pack One
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • The Cheese
  • FnKen

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