Fallout Joe

Fallout JoeHeight: 5′ 11″
Weight: 196 lbs.
Ellwood City, PA


Jon Heel, who had positioned Headhunter Travis Deadly to be the guy to take over the NDW Dimensional Championship picture, has grown disappointed with Deadly’s limited success. In order to motivate Travis, Jon Heel demoted the former leader of the Deadly Alliance to a tag-team wrestler with Lance Romance. They will be competing under the team name of Deadly Romance!

Buck Blake assumed that he would take over the leadership of the Deadly Alliance after Travis Deadly’s demotion, but that was not the plan. In order to fill the void left by Travis Deadly, Jon Heel hired the controversial wrestler, Fallout Joe to be the new leader of the Deadly Alliance. This is already causing a slight rift between the NDW mainstay of Buck Blake and the newly signed Fallout Joe.

Fallout Joe comes to NDW with very little known about his past. He is a highly skilled wrestler who uses a series of technical moves with a violent twist. Like Travis Deadly, Fallout Joe is also a wrestler who is not only looking to defeat his opponents in a match, but also hopes to injure them with his trademark crowbar.

Fallout Joe’s main focus for the Deadly Alliance is to finally take out the Protectors of the Galaxy. In recent events, the Deadly Alliance had been focused on winning titles and putting other guys on the shelf. Under Fallout Joe’s leadership, the Deadly Alliance hopes to run Biordi and the Protectors of the Galaxy out of NDW. Fallout Joe feels that once the Protectors are out of the way that all the championships would come their way.

There is a lot of drama around Fallout Joe amongst the other members of the Deadly Alliance. Headhunter Travis Deadly is not happy to be relegated to a tag-team wrestler, and Buck Blake feels that he should have been the next leader of the team. However, neither wrestler has said anything in fear that Jon Heel will take disciplinary action against them. That said, Fallout Joe is cautious around these two individuals.


Control Rod Piledriver – spike piledriver
Design Basis Accident – snake eyes
100% Reactor Powerslam – powerslam into the corner
NUCLEAR WINTER – top rope cutter
CROWBAR ATTACK – various attacks with the crowbar


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Joe Tweddell
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Joe Tweddell
Card Release: NDW Conclusion 2134 (Series 2 – Pack 4) – GalactiCon 2018


Series 2 0 Pack 4Series Two – Pack Four
Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • Fallout Joe
  • Crimson Shadow

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