Eliza Delight

Eliza DelightHeight: 5′ 2″
Weight: 119 lbs.
Pelham, NY


When you look up spoiled in the dictionary, a picture of Eliza Delight should be next to the definition. Eliza’s mother is the founder of Donna Delight’s Snack Cake Company, a multi-million dollar, global snack empire and makers of the delicious Choc-A-Lot Cupcake. Eliza has reaped the benefits of this money her entire life. She never wanted for anything. As soon as Eliza asked mommy for something, she would get it!

Eliza Delight and her family moved to Pelham, NY when she was in second grade. This is when the Donna Delight Snack Cake Company went public, making the family even more money. As soon as Eliza got to Pelham, it was easy to see who was in charge of Colonial Elementary School, and Eliza quickly befriended Rachel-Gwen Sanders, with a little help from her mother’s bank account. The two were easily the queens of the school, all the way through graduation. Unfortunately for the other girls in the class, Eliza and Rachel-Gwen were terrible bullies to the rest of them, in particular, Cheryl Cacola, who is now NDW wrestler, Cheri Cola.

One thing Eliza asked her mother for, that has been more than a little beneficial in her transition into wrestling, was dance lessons. Eliza has studied ballet for twenty years and is a classically trained ballerina. This training has helped adapt Eliza’s body to the tortures of wrestling, which may be slightly less grueling than ballet.

Eliza Delight was the one who had discovered that Cheri Cola was successful at NDW and planned to go to the matches to heckle the young wrestler alongside her partner in crime, Rachel-Gwen Sanders. This heckling not only caused problems for Cheri Cola, but the duo also got mixed up with La Belleza, humiliating her on a couple of occasions. La Belleza promises to seek revenge against both Eliza Delight and Rachel-Gwen Sanders, in the form of an unwanted haircut!


Releve Uppercut – dancing footwork into an uppercut
Grand Jeté Dropkick – graceful straight-leg kick
Plie Knee Smash – twisting knee to the face
Saute Springboard DDT -springboard DDT with style
Pirouette Kick – spinning kick to the face
BAKER’S DOZEN – a series of alternating knee strikes


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Throwbacks Tag-Team Set – NDC Games Day 2019


Two Full-Color Game Cards

  • Eliza Delight
  • Rachel-Gwen Sanders

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