Crimson Shadow

Crimson ShadowHeight: 6′ 0″
Weight: 250 lbs.
The Shadow Land


The news is out! Red Scare is not Ginger Rogers! Ginger Rogers has emerged from the Shadow Land as Crimson Shadow. While Ginger Rogers was recovering from the orchestrated attack from the Deadly Alliance in the hospital, he mysteriously vanished! Jon Heel, who had an informant at the hospital, was the first to receive this news. To make a power play, Red Scare replaced Ginger Rogers in the hospital. They used the mask to hide Red Scare’s identity and passed him off as Ginger Rogers.

When KnightFall came to Earth, Ginger Rogers was sent to the Shadow Land in his place. This was due to KnightFall’s ring of power not properly functioning. With the ring destroyed or missing, Ginger Rogers was trapped in the Shadow Land. Nobody even knew that Ginger Rogers was missing as Red Scare was impersonating him.

Also time works differently in the Shadow Land. While KnightFall has been on Earth for a little over a year, Ginger Rogers has spent nearly five years in the Shadow Land. Not only that, without KnightFall being in the Shadow Land, crime is at an all-time high! The evil villain Bloodshed has taken over. Being a hero at heart, Ginger Rogers took on the moniker of Crimson Shadow and became a costumed vigilante after learning the lay of the land. The urban legend of Crimson Shadow began to build over time.

Crimson Shadow’s time as a masked vigilante was short lived as he was sent back to Earth. Crimson Shadow appeared back in his hospital bed, but who was sent back to the Shadow Land? It was not KnightFall! Crimson Shadow went to the Knight’s School Wrestling Academy looking for answers, but he did not receive a warm welcome. He was called a traitor and ran out of the building by security.

Next, Crimson Shadow visited the Protectors of the Galaxy headquarters. Crimson Shadow received a similar reaction from this team. However, he got a few answers there! The Cheese, who had been tracking KnightFall’s lost ring of power, picked up the energy signature on Crimson Shadow. Once The Cheese pointed this out, KnightFall attacked Crimson Shadow looking for his ring, but Crimson Shadow did not have it. Caught off guard, Crimson Shadow left the Protectors.

The next night, Crimson Shadow showed up at the arena where NDW was holding an event. This is where Crimson Shadow was first introduced to Red Scare, who was having a match with Pitt Viper. When Crimson Shadow figured out that Red Scare had been impersonating him, Crimson Shadow charged the ring and stood face to face with his doppelganger. The two quickly came to blows and were pulled apart by the locker room. A hush fell over the arena as Crimson Shadow left the ringside area.

Crimson Shadow is confused and feels betrayed. His best friends thought he would turn on them, his allies have moved on and replaced him, and there has been someone posing as him doing terrible things! Crimson Shadow also believes that KnightFall had something to do with sending him to the Shadow Land, as this event also appears to have brought KnightFall to Earth. However, KnightFall blames it all on his missing ring of power.

There are so many things going on for Crimson Shadow! His life has been turned upside down, twice! He does not know who to trust. All he knows is that Red Scare will pay for ruining his good name and KnightFall will give him the answers he is looking for, even if he has to beat them out of him! Anyone that stands in Crimson Shadow’s way will pay the price.


Into the Shadows – full nelson
Cloud the Mind – head butt
Misdirection Slam – rebounding powerslam
Out of the Darkness – dropkick into the turnbuckle
Tommy Gun Pop – reverse elbow to the stomach
SEEING RED – stepover toehold facelock


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Josh Smith
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson, Josh Smith
Card Release: NDW Conclusion 2134 (Series 2 – Pack 4) – GalactiCon 2018


Series 2 0 Pack 4Series Two – Pack Four
Two Full-Color Game Cards

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  • Crimson Shadow

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