Candy Apple

Candy AppleHeight: 5′ 9″
Weight: 115 lbs.
The Big Apple


Candy Apple is a deranged and sick individual! There is no one on the NDW roster who enjoys inflicting pain on their foes quite like Candy Apple. What is it about this woman, or who sent her, that had someone as intimidating as Halloween Hank, give up leadership of Holiday Horror without a fight? For right now, that remains to be a mystery.

Candy Apple comes to us from The Big Apple, New York City! She is a tough as nails street brawler with no regard for her opponent’s safety. She enjoys the screams of agony from her opponents so much that she is usually laughing throughout her matches. This often makes the opponent across the ring more than a little unnerved, which Candy Apple uses to her advantage. Candy Apple also carries a large golden cane, with a giant golden apple on the end of it to the ring. She is not afraid to smash an opponent over the head with it.

There is no questioning her leadership. All of the members of Holiday Horror quickly fell in line and accepted Candy Apple as their new leader. Is this because they believe in Candy Apple, or do they fear her or who sent her to take command? Only time will tell. Her origin is still a bit of a mystery, but there is definitely something about Candy Apple that makes people want to follow her. Candy Apple has come to NDW so that the once feared Holiday Horror team will be feared and respected again.

Holiday Horror’s first order of business under Candy Apple’s lead is to eliminate the New Masked Assassins. There does not seem to be a reason, other than Halloween Hank being on the team. Candy Apple has formed a new tag team with Jacklyn Snow, Hellfire and Ice. They are set to take on the female tag team of Lamiax and Kymerra, Demon Assassins.


All Hallows’ Eve – double-underhook DDT
Apple Peeler – jaw lock
Rotten to the Core – inverted neckbreaker drop
Caramel Grip – rear-naked choke
Orchard Harvest – spinning Death Valley Driver
BOB FOR APPLES – sit-out facebuster
CANDY CRUSH – golden apple cane shot to the head


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Don Biordi, Ken Frederick
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Born Again 2136 – August 2020


NDW Born Again 2136NDW Born Again 2136
Ten Full-Color Game Cards

  • “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar
  • Bunny Hop
  • C. Hawk McCoy
  • C.M. Peck
  • Candy Apple
  • Dark Eros
  • Hot Date Perry
  • Hunter Green
  • “TNT” Jesse Lee
  • The Last Knight

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