C.M. Peck

C.M. PeckHeight: 6′ 1″
Weight: 211 lbs.
Andromeda 5


After spending years with the Birds of Prey team, being forced into matches against women, always pushed aside by his teammates, and overall feeling unappreciated, Cardinal Maximoff made a bold move and challenged Bomb Chelle to one more match. He was so sure that he would win, that he put his mask and identity on the line. He lost! In the aftermath, he was forced to unmask. He was revealed to be an AniMan parakeet all along!

Growing up Cardinal Maximoff, whose real name is Maximoff Peck, was always embarrassed to be such a small bird growing up amongst real birds of prey. When he came of age, he left for Earth, where he found religion and joined a monastery in Arizona. It was there where he began to wear a mask and pose as a human. Maximoff dedicated his life to the church and even became an actual Cardinal. Now that he has been exposed as an AniMan, Cardinal Maximoff has abbreviated his name to C.M. Peck, with Peck being his legal surname.

Peck is preparing NDW for the arrival of his leader, who he refers to as “Him” or “He”. To do this, C.M. Peck has surrounded himself with a group of misfits called the Denomination. Peck has used his words wisely to win over folks who really did not have much else. He has given people with little direction, a purpose within NDW, to help build the Denomination. He has recruited a big man in B.A. Jerk, a veteran tough guy Buck Blake, and a female star with a lot of potential, La Belleza.

Each of these individuals has their own quirks. B.A. Jerk is very prideful and loves the spotlight and has always sought attention wherever he can get it. Buck Blake is a glutton for punishment who is at home in some of the most violent matches. La Belleza has always envied other women, especially those who have gotten the attention of men. Together this band of misfits can be a huge threat to NDW.


Crushing Talon – seated senton
Bound by Grace – octopus stretch
Saint Andrew’s Cross – diving crossbody block
Perching Bulldog – springboard bulldog out of the corner
Zygodactyl Dropkick – basket dropkick
PIOUS PLUCKING – crossface submission with repeated elbow strikes


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Ken Frederick
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Born Again 2136 – August 2020


NDW Born Again 2136NDW Born Again 2136
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