C. Hawk McCoy

C. Hawk McCoyHeight: 6′ 7″
Weight: 303 lbs.
Ravensdale, WA


Calvin “Hawk” McCoy is a former professional gravity ball player. He set his team’s all-time rushing record in just a four-year career. He was the biggest running back to ever play the game! After a shoulder injury cut his gravity ball playing days short, he decided to train at The Last Knight’s Knight School Wrestling Academy under the guidance of Eagle Richards.

Now donning a mask and taking the name C. Hawk McCoy, he has joined the Birds of Prey! Hawk was already in line to replace Cardinal Maximoff before he had a breakdown and became C.M. Peck. C.M. Peck was shocked to find this out when the big man broke up the introduction of the Denomination by saving his fallen stablemates before any real damage was done.

C. Hawk McCoy has a completely different style than the rest of the Birds of Prey. Since he is such a large man, he uses a lot of powerful moves. This is a great contrast in comparison to the other members of the team. He still tries to use the signature move of the group, Crushing Talon! If he hits it, it could be the end for his opponent, but if C. Hawk misses, the opponent can change the direction of the match.

Eagle Richards, Falcon Parker, and C. Hawk McCoy still use the Freebird Rule in tag team matches, where any two members can make up the tag team. Adding a powerhouse like C. Hawk McCoy to the mix with the high-flying Falcon Parker and technically sound Eagle Richards will make for some strategic matchups.

In his first year, C. Hawk McCoy will be put against B.A. Jerk, the biggest member of the Denomination! When these two big men square off in singles or tag team matches, it is sure to be a hard-hitting battle.


Hawk Hang Glider – crucifix airplane spine
Osprey Wingspan – fall away slam
Kingfisher Clutch – stump puller submission
Crushing Talon – seated senton
BUZZARD BREAKER – torture rack
RAPTOR CLAW – claw hold


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Ken Frederick
Character Drawing: Werner Mueck
Character Coloring: Werner Mueck
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: NDW Born Again 2136 – August 2020


NDW Born Again 2136NDW Born Again 2136
Ten Full-Color Game Cards

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  • Bunny Hop
  • C. Hawk McCoy
  • C.M. Peck
  • Candy Apple
  • Dark Eros
  • Hot Date Perry
  • Hunter Green
  • “TNT” Jesse Lee
  • The Last Knight

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