Buck Blake

Buck Blake Card ArtHeight: 6′ 2″
Weight: 172 lbs.
Wooded Hills of Pennsylvania


Buck Blake is a cheating jerk! If you don’t see him cheating in the ring, you just haven’t figured out how he’s doing it. Buck is the master of underhanded tactics and illegal shortcuts. The worst thing about all of this is he is a decently skilled wrestler. He just chooses to take the easy way out. Buck Blake’s in ring career is fairly new and he has found a home in Earth’s independent wrestling scene. On occasion, Buck Blake will wrestle in FTR in hopes of being noticed by the Galaxian Wrestling Federation.

Before entering the wrestling ring, Buck Blake was a skilled bow hunter from Earth name, Rick. He loved hunting deer. Rick was also interested in the Native American culture of western Pennsylvania. He went into the wildness to go on a vision quest to discover his spirit animal. While on his vision quest, Rick was visited by a ten-point buck. The thrill of the hunt took over and Rick put an arrow through the heart of the buck.

Unbeknownst to him, Rick had killed his spirit animal. The result was a curse put on him by the spirit of the land. Rick had started to merge with the fallen buck, taking on many characteristics of his spirit animal. From that moment on, Rick lost the desire to hunt as it started to feel like murder in his heart. With his world turned upside down, he started living in the hills of Pennsylvania, hidden from the world.

Rick had become somewhat of an urban legend, a ghost story to tell around the campfire at night to scare small children. He’s been referred to as “The Evans City Demon” among other things. Having growing tired of hiding in the shadows, Rick has emerged from the forest as, Buck Blake!

Buck Blake emerges from the wooded areas of the town in which the events are being held just minutes before his matches covered in dirt from looking for arrowheads. He goes straight into the ring and starts his cheating ways. How will he fair in your fed? It’s up to you promoter!


Treestand Dropkick – dropkick from the second rope
Venison Vertical Suplex – hanging vertical suplex
Salt Lick Slam – inverted power slam
Dust Cloud – throw dirt into the opponent’s eyes and tackle
PIN USING ROPES – pin attempt with an illegal leverage edge from using the ropes
TEN POINT GORE – a spear leading with his antlers  


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson, Ken Frederick, Rick Linkenheimer
Character Drawing: Chris Adametz
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Card – International Tabletop Day 2016


Buck BlakeBuck Blake
Full-Color Game Card

  • Buck Blake

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