B.A. Jerk

B.A. Jerk Card ArtHeight: 6′ 3″
Weight: 275 lbs.
Red Hook, New Brighton


Little is known about B.A. Jerk and how he has entered the wrestling business. Many believe that he toured the United States and parts of Canada learning his craft in the toughest training facilities and dojos known to man. Another back story that B.A. Jerk is known for is his successful mixed martial arts career. He claims to have been declared too violent to compete in that sport any longer. B.A. Jerk has also gone on record to claim that he is a third generation wrestler that comes from a very successful wrestling family, but he does not want to get by on his family name, so he keeps the identity of his family a secret. B.A. Jerk hails from the most dangerous part of town in the Red Hook section of New Brighton. Although very few people have been able to find New Brighton on a map, none have discovered a Red Hook section. There have been many rumors of his origin, mostly started by B.A. Jerk himself; however none have been officially confirmed.

One thing that is certain about B.A. Jerk is that he is, in fact, a jerk! B.A. Jerk has made a career out of being a shameless self-promoter. He is the president of his own fan club and one of its only members. He spends hours upon hours per day updating his social media accounts so everyone believes that he is important. He may have plenty of likes, friends, subscribers, and followers, but very few people actually like the man or are a fan of his work. He knows right from wrong and what is acceptable, but he always chooses the incorrect or most controversial action. This is done solely to seek attention. The good guys on the roster hate his antics, and the bad guys find him to be annoying. Everyone inside the locker room would love the chance to beat him up!

In the ring B.A. Jerk can take a beating like no other. He has an uncanny pain threshold, enjoys getting hurt, or has an insatiable love for the spotlight and eats up as much ring time as possible. Even if that means being pummeled just a little bit more. Whatever the case may be, this guy is a tough man to beat. His offense is not that of a polished in ring competitor, rather he is more of a brawler with marginal wrestling skills. B.A. Jerk loves to take the fight outside the ring whenever he can. He is a master of fighting outside the ring, and like we have already noted, he is tough to beat, especially on the floor.

What kind of trouble will B.A. Jerk get himself into in your fed? It’s up to you, promoter! Have B.A. Jerk call out your toughest wrestlers and see how long he can last in the ring among the greats. Maybe he will even sneak out an upset or two. Win or lose, this guy will be fun to put up against any and every challenger. In his mind, B.A. Jerk has already won, and you will undoubtedly enjoy seeing him demolished each night.


Emoticon Lariat – clothesline to the back of the head
Trending Worldwide – airplane spin
Skyline Press – a sloppily executed moonsault
Social Network Crash – running turnbuckle splash
Dot Com Driver – piledriver
INAPPROPRIATE – snap wristlock neckbreaker


Character Creation: Broc Atkinson
Character Drawing: Sara Kipin
Character Coloring: Broc Atkinson
Character Statistics: Broc Atkinson
Card Release: Special Edition Card – Wrestling Geek Fest 2015


B.A. JerkB.A. Jerk
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