FREE Printed Game Card Offer for The Gipper

We recently have been trying new printing options for our cards that we produce in smaller quantities, in doing so, we have printed a limited amount of cards for The Gipper! If you purchase anything in Shop NDW during March 2022, you will receive a printed copy of The Gipper absolutely free along with your order!

The Gipper

This offer is only valid throughout this month, March 2022. Don’t miss out on this free card!

Only one free card per person.

The Gipper was originally created by the original artist for the bootleg Filsinger Corporation sets, Chris Schieffer with card stats by Sam Luptak, Jr. Those of us at Next Dimension Wrestling always thought that more could have been done with this fun character, so here he is, now in full color!

NDW Shop Has Been Updated

The Mighty TroyBoy

There are new items available! Three, previously unreleased, full-color game cards are now able to be purchased for the first time on Shop NDW! The Mighty TroyBoy was a promotional card from 2020, now available for purchase. Bruce and Whaldo are two new characters that debuted on NDW: Live the Reboot on Twitch. They are now available for the first time as physical printed cards!


There is also another opportunity for a brand new stream exclusive character, Agent Orange! Created by Kevin Butcher to be an ally of Jet Black and Navy Blue, Agent Orange can be purchased by redeeming Twitch Channel Points on BrocsterBuilds!

Agent Orange

Also, if you missed the November 1, 2021 deadline to claim a game card for Malefic Rage, you have another chance! Malefic Rage cards can also be purchased using Twitch Channel Points on BrocsterBuilds.

Malefic Rage

All Twitch releases will be available for purchase outside of Twitch Channel Points one year after the promotional period begins on Twitch. They will be posted on Shop NDW at that time. So, if you are not a Twitch user, you will have to wait to get these special cards.