Paris Pod – Week 9

Saturday, March 12, 2135
Paris, France
Match Report by Hawk Hawkins

Robert Hagar-Knight vs. Marvelous Mike
Marvelous Mike wins the match with his finisher, BEAVER RIVER PLUNGE.

León Volador vs. Bob N64
León Volador picked up a quick win with flying head scissors.

Jon Heel vs. Falcon Parker
Jon Heel won the match by count-out.

Adam Prometheus vs. Lance Romance
Adam Prometheus wins the match with a chokeslam.

Jet Black vs. Di-Smash
Jet Black picked up a disqualification over a bloodied Di-Smash.

Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Jibbs Warrior
Jibbs Warrior
picked up the win with his finisher, TORNADO DDT.


Di-Smash wins the Paris Pod

Current Score:
Adam Prometheus – 9
Bob N64 – 2
Di-Smash – 12
Falcon Parker – 9
Jet Black – 7
Jibbs Warrior – 9
Jon Heel – 12
Lance Romance – 8
León Volador – 5
Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III – 3

NDW: Generations 2135 is Coming to GalactiCon 2019!

The exciting third year of Next Dimension Wrestling is coming to GalactiCon this July. NDW: Generations 2135 will feature eight brand new, full-color game cards to add to your NDW collection!

What causes a major rift between NDW founders The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar? Let’s just say things have quickly gone from competitive to personal with the latest recruit to Bob Hagar‘s team!

Preorders will begin on June 1, 2019 for this exciting new set and they will be mailed out on July 15, the Monday following GalactiCon.

As a special pre-order bonus, two free cards will be added to the set! If you pre-order your copy of NDW: Generations 2135 before July 15, you will receive two additional game cards absolutely free! They are for newcomers Gretchen The Great and Rob Craig! How will these two new wrestlers fit into the NDW landscape?

Gretchen The Great
Rob Craig

Every purchase made at GalactiCon will automatically include the two free pre-order bonus cards, so if you are planning on attending GalactiCon, there is no need to pre-order!

Please watch this site for all the information on the pre-order for NDW: Generations 2135!

Trophy for Pre-Convention Tournament Revealed

Next Dimension Wrestling is going to be a big part of GalactiCon weekend. Friday, July 7, will be the annual Pre-Convention Tournament to kick-off the GalactiCon festivities! This is event is being held at 5:00 PM at Chautauqua Comics in Jamestown, NY. You can find more details in an earlier article on this website.

2017 Pre-Convention Tournament Trophy

This is just a quick update to show off the trophy that will be on the line at this event! Just imagine the gloating you could do the following day at GalactiCon with this trophy!


Not only that, all players in this tournament will get their copy of the NDW Seeing Red expansion pack before it officially releases the following day! Plan to stop by Chautauqua Comics on Friday, July 7!

Pre-Convention Tournament at Chautauqua Comics

Chautauqua Comics StorefrontJoin NDW for the official kickoff to GalactiCon weekend for the Pre-Convention Tournament hosted by Chautauqua Comics in Jamestown, New York. The characters of Next Dimension Wrestling will be showcased in a special game tournament just before the festivities of GalactiCon officially begin. This event will be held at 5:00 PM on Friday, July 7!

As a special bonus, all players participating in this tournament will receive an advanced copy of the Seeing Red expansion pack that officially releases the following day at GalactiCon 2017. Also, the winner of this tournament will take home a special prize from NDW.

Chautauqua Comics

Chautauqua Comics
214 Fairmount Avenue
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 664 – 2287