NDW Fall Releases Now Available in Store

Great news, NDW fans! Our new releases that were first available at NDC Games Day are now available for purchase. There are three new items live in the NDW Shop!

Creatures of the Night – Tag-Team Pack


Originally released in 1999 as part of the Filsinger Corporation: The Owner Strikes Back! bootleg set, Nightmare and Hellhound have returned in full-color! Reprinted with their original stats (with minor tweaks) by Sam Luptak Jr. and brand new artwork from Werner Mueck, these cards are a must have for bootleg collectors.

Roadkill Raccoon – Halloween Special Edition

Roadkill Raccoon

In an homage to the raccoons infected with distemper in Youngstown, OH earlier this year, Roadkill Raccoon was come to Next Dimension Wrestling! How will he fit into NDW? Will he infect your favorite stars with the virus he carries? Only time will tell! This card will provide several entertaining matches that may potentially cause a bit of chaos in your promotion.

Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III – George Broderick Jr. Special Edition

Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III

This special character was created by cartoonist, George Broderick Jr. George was kind enough to draw Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III at a recent signing at New Dimension Comics. Lord Turnbuckle is coming to NDW to shake things up a bit! Pip, pip, Cheerio! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new character.

All these cards are now available for purchase at the NDW Shop!

GalactiCon Releases Now Available

GalactiCon was here and gone, and it was a great time! Jeff Manning won the annual NDW Tournament with the brand new Crimson Shadow card! Congratulations go out to Jeff.

At GalactiCon, NDW released a few items. The final chapter of NDW Series Two was released. It is titled NDW Conclusion 2134 and features two new cards that will shake the NDW to its core.

Next the debut game edition for the Powerful Women of the Galaxy was released. It was titled PWOTG Foundation 2134. This set features eight new game cards that can be used as a standalone promotion or interwoven into the NDW.

Finally, the Brocster Comics Classic Collection kicks off with Powerhouse Patterson! This is a card that was originally released as part of a Dance Club Wrestling set in 2002, but is now available in full-color!

Here is a quick visual guide of all the cards released at GalactiCon! All of these cards are available for order now in the NDW Store!

NDW Conclusion 2134 (Series Two – Pack Four)

Crimson Shadow

Fallout Joe

PWOTG Foundation 2134

Bobbi Jo BoxerLionessGoddess GaleneCheri ColaLamiaxContessaGuillotinaLa Belleza

Powerhouse Patterson – GalactiCon Special Edition

Powerhouse Patterson


Big Plans for 2018!

2018 PlansAs we turn over the calendar to 2018, there are big plans in store for Next Dimension Wrestling! The next three packs of cards representing 2133, or NDW Series Two are going to be released quarterly, with the second Two-Pack of cards releasing later this month. It will feature game cards for two newcomers, Cardinal Maximoff and Bomb Chelle.

Also, at GalactiCon 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA, our first spin-off series is planned for release. It is titled Powerful Women of the Galaxy and will feature eight brand new full-color game cards! These cards will have greater ties to the whole Champions of the Galaxy universe than other NDW card releases.

This year, we at NDW plan to be more interactive through this site and all of our social media outlets. Expect a lot of fun things to be going on throughout the year!

The Cheese and FnKen Kick Off NDW Series Two

It’s just about that time, folks! Next Dimension Wrestling has reached the year 2133. To start the official Series Two releases, we have The Cheese and FnKen!

The Cheese

The Cheese is a relative newcomer to the world of wrestling, but he is hoping to make a difference early on in his young career. Having been a fan of Biordi and the Protectors of the Galaxy, The Cheese joins NDW in hopes of becoming a part of that team. Will he get his wish, or will something else be in the cards for this rookie?


FnKen is a ring veteran and a giant of a man! He has ties to so many wrestlers on the current NDW roster, including friends on both sides of the Protectors of the Galaxy versus Deadly Alliance war. He plans to remain neutral in that conflict, but wants to beat up B.A. Jerk, who FnKen feels has blocked him from entering NDW.

These cards are available for pre-order in the NDW Shop and will begin shipping on September 4, 2017! Order your cards today!

Introducing the Powerful Women of the Galaxy

At next year’s GalactiCon event, Next Dimension Wrestling will be introducing a brand new sister promotion known as Powerful Women of the Galaxy! This new set of bootleg women wrestlers, to be used with the Champions of the Galaxy Wrestling Game by Filsinger Games, will include eight new full-color game cards.

Please stay tuned to this website as more information on this set is made available!

Red Scare – Final Seeing Red Teaser

Red Scare Card ArtIn what may be the biggest shocker in the history of Next Dimension Wrestling, Ginger Rogers has turned on the Knights of the Round Table and has become the diabolical, Red Scare. The world of NDW has just been turned upside down!

Not only that, Red Scare has aligned himself with the villainous Deadly Alliance. This means big trouble is ahead for Biordi and his Protectors of the Galaxy team. Ginger Rogers was always a skilled wrestler, but now that he’s become Red Scare, he is even more dangerous.

What events have taken place to cause this sudden change in attitude? How will the Knights of the Round Table respond? You will have to check out the Seeing Red expansion when it releases at GalactiCon!

KnightFall – Third Seeing Red Teaser

KnightFallIn an effort to help even the numbers on his Protectors of the Galaxy team, Biordi has found help in a very unlikely place, the Shadow Land! KnightFall has join Next Dimension Wrestling to fight alongside the Protectors of the Galaxy.

Hidden beneath the armor of the Shadow Nights, KnightFall‘s identity is a secret from everyone in NDW, except for Biordi. Who is KnightFall and why is his true identity such a secret? Time will tell!

Until then, Headhunter Travis Deadly had better watch out! KnightFall is coming to destroy him and the Deadly Alliance! Be sure to get the Seeing Red expansion at GalactiCon 2017!

Jacklyn Snow – Second Seeing Red Teaser

Jacklyn Snow

Over the next few weeks we will continue to tease the character cards included in the final chapter of the 2132 series of Next Dimension Wrestling.

The second character released as part of the Seeing Red expansion pack is Jacklyn Snow! She is the daughter of Jack Frost and one of Santa’s elves. She absolutely hates spoiled-rotten children. Jacklyn Snow is entering Next Dimension Wrestling as the tag-team partner of Vladimir Plasma. They will be forming the villainous tag-team known as, Frost Bite!

How will this newly formed team fair in NDW? What will their relationship be with Creature Feature? How will Frost Bite effect the growing tag-team division in NDW? You will have to check out Seeing Red when it releases at GalactiCon.

Prices Slashed at Shop NDW

Prices Slashed

After some careful consideration, we have slashed the prices on all of the Character Cards in our PayPal store, Shop NDW! Now all of the cards are pretty much $1.00 each.

In an effort to get the cards to you cheaper, we have eliminated the physical copies of the Handbooks and Character Descriptions. Instead, you will receive a Digital Copy of those items via email in PDF format. Physical printed Character Cards will continue to be mailed to you as normal. This will make the cards less expensive to buy, since our prices have always included shipping and handling costs.

As of right now, there are no plans to offer any of the Character Cards in PDF format.

Vladimir Plasma – First Seeing Red Teaser

Vladimir PlasmaStay tuned to the NDW website over the next several weeks as we reveal the game cards included in the upcoming expansion pack, Seeing Red! This week we take a look at the several-hundred-year-old vampire, Vladimir Plasma!

Like Creature Feature, the team of Lycan Moon and Murky Waters, Vladimir Plasma has been secretly trained by the original Halloween Hank to join the Holiday Horror team. However, things might not go as planned for the leader of the team. Vladimir Plasma and Creature Feature may have their own plans for NDW.

How is this powerful newcomer going to fit within Holiday Horror and Next Dimension Wrestling as a whole? You will have to check out the Seeing Red expansion pack available at GalactiCon this July!