NDW Live the Reboot is Coming to Twitch

Greetings Next Dimension Wrestling fans! After much debate, I have decided to reboot my personal NDW fed, and I want to bring you all along for the ride! Join me on Sunday, August 1, 2021, for the first stream of NDW Live the Reboot! The stream will begin at 9:00 PM EST and will stream every Sunday.

I plan to play through one month’s worth of fight cards per stream. There will be special guests and other fun stuff along the way.

Be sure to follow the Broctser Builds Twitch channel to make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

NDW Born Again 2136 Handbook

We are excited to announce that the NDW Born Again 2136 handbook is available for download. There may still be some minor edits that occur, but for the most part, it is ready! Don’t worry, none of the stories will change in the editing process, just some wording and formatting. To make things easier, you can just CLICK HERE to download it!

Also, stay tuned to the website. Throughout the next several days, the new character pages will be added to the Active Roster page. There is also an Inactive Roster page that has been added to commemorate the characters that are no longer a part of NDW.

So please stay tuned to the website as these new things come out over the next few day!

Production Begins on NDW Born Again 2136!

We are happy to announce that the character cards for NDW Born Again 2136 have started production. Playtesting has been completed, all the artwork is in, and all the edits and card updates have been made! NDW Born Again 2136 has gone to print!

With the current “new normal” in the world, we were uncertain as to whether or not these cards would be ready for our initial plan for a July release. Now it looks like that is a very real possibility! In fact, we will be releasing the Preview Pack ahead of schedule.

"Black and Blue" Bob Hagar

The Preview Pack will consist of two game cards to go get fans excited for the full release of NDW Born Again 2136. We have already revealed “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar on our Facebook Page. The other card will be revealed shortly, but fans of the series might be able to guess who it is!

Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook Page for all the release and ordering information for both the Preview Pack and the NDW Born Again 2136 game edition.

PWOTG Showcase Scheduled

From NDW Headquarters, starting February 15, 2135, each 15th day of the month will feature a special PWOTG Showcase! The stars of the PWOTG (Powerful Women of the Galaxy) will compete in a special event showcasing women’s wrestling.

This month will feature a number one contender’s match between Raven Stark and Contessa as the main event!

Paris Pod – Match Schedule

The matches have been made and the schedule has been released for the Paris Pod of the NDW Dimensional Round-Robin Tournament. Below are the listed matches for the coming weeks. The winners of each match will be awarded points. Two points for winning by pin-fall or submission and one point for winning by count out or disqualification.

January 15, 2135

  • Falcon Parker vs. Lance Romance
  • Bob N64 vs. Jon Heel
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. León Volador
  • Di-Smash vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Jet Black

January 22, 2135

  • Falcon Parker vs. Bob N64
  • Lance Romance vs. Jet Black
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Adam Prometheus
  • León Volador vs. Di-Smash
  • Jon Heel vs. Jibbs Warrior

January 29, 2135

  • Adam Prometheus vs. León Volador
  • Jet Black vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Bob N64 vs. Lance Romance
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Falcon Parker
  • Di-Smash vs. Jon Heel

February 5, 2135

  • Jon Heel vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Falcon Parker vs. Di-Smash
  • Bob N64 vs. Jibbs Warrior
  • Lance Romance vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • León Volador vs. Jet Black

February 12, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Bob N64
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Falcon Parker
  • Jet Black vs. Jon Heel
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. León Volador
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Lance Romance

February 19, 2135

  • Lance Romance vs. León Volador
  • Jon Heel vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Falcon Parker vs. Jet Black
  • Bob N64 vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Di-Smash

February 26, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Lance Romance
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Jibbs Warrior
  • Jet Black vs. Bob N64
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Falcon Parker
  • León Volador vs. Jon Heel

March 5, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Lance Romance vs. Jon Heel
  • Falcon Parker vs. León Volador
  • Bob N64 vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Jet Black

March 12, 2135

  • León Volador vs. Bob N64
  • Jon Heel vs. Falcon Parker
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Lance Romance
  • Jet Black vs. Di-Smash
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Jibbs Warrior

Chicago Pod – Match Schedule

The matches have been made and the schedule has been released for the Chicago Pod of the NDW Dimensional Round-Robin Tournament. Below are the listed matches for the coming weeks. The winners of each match will be awarded points. Two points for winning by pin-fall or submission and one point for winning by count out or disqualification.

January 14, 2135

  • Navy Blue vs. Battle Axe
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Halloween Hank
  • Eagle Richards vs. Red Scare
  • The White Knight vs. Fallout Joe
  • Murky Waters vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

January 21, 2135

  • Navy Blue vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Battle Axe vs. Rajah Ring Royalty
  • Fallout Joe vs. Murky Waters
  • Red Scare vs. The White Knight
  • Halloween Hank vs. Eagle Richards

January 28, 2135

  • Murky Waters vs. Red Scare
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Fallout Joe
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Battle Axe
  • Eagle Richards vs. Navy Blue
  • The White Knight vs. Halloween Hank

February 4, 2135

  • Halloween Hank vs. Murky Waters
  • Navy Blue vs. The White Knight
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Eagle Richards
  • Battle Axe vs. Fallout Joe
  • Red Scare vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

February 11, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Murky Waters vs. Navy Blue
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Halloween Hank
  • Fallout Joe vs. Red Scare
  • Eagle Richards vs. Battle Axe

February 18, 2135

  • Battle Axe vs. Red Scare
  • Halloween Hank vs. Fallout Joe
  • Navy Blue vs. Rajah Ring Royalty
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Murky Waters
  • Eagle Richards vs. The White Knight

February 25, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Battle Axe
  • Murky Waters vs. Eagle Richards
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Fallout Joe vs. Navy Blue
  • Red Scare vs. Halloween Hank

March 4, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Murky Waters
  • Battle Axe vs. Halloween Hank
  • Navy Blue vs. Red Scare
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Fallout Joe
  • Eagle Richards vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

March 11, 2135

  • Red Scare vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Halloween Hank vs. Navy Blue
  • Murky Waters vs. Battle Axe
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. The White Knight
  • Fallout Joe vs. Eagle Richards

Qualifying Matches Announced for This Weekend

By Katie Catwalk | January 2, 2135

Without any fanfare or excitement, the matchups for this weekend’s qualifying matches have been released. Instead of a giant press conference to announce these historic matches, there were just several sheets of paper taped to the front door of the NDW offices. Listed below are the matches.

Qualification Weekend Night One – January 7, 2135 | Paris, France

  • Adam Prometheus vs. Unlucky
  • Kung Fu Chris vs. Jet Black
  • B.A. Jerk vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • FnKen vs. León Volador
  • Biordi vs. Jon Heel

Qualification Weekend Night One – January 7, 2135 | Chicago, IL

  • Battle Axe vs. Wheebo Rodes
  • Marvelous Mike vs. Navy Blue
  • Captain Adam: Space Pirate vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Eagle Richards vs. Ooolahg
  • The White Knight vs. Robert Hagar-Knight

Qualification Weekend Night Two – January 8, 2135 | Paris, France

  • Rob Craig vs. Lance Romance
  • Falcon Parker vs. Buck Blake
  • The Cheese vs. Bob N64
  • Pitt Viper vs. Jibbs Warrior
  • Di-Smash vs. Lambert

Qualification Weekend Night Two – January 8, 2135 | Chicago, IL

  • Murky Waters vs. Pete Cottontail
  • Cardinal Maximoff vs. Rajah Ring Royalty
  • KnightFall vs. Fallout Joe
  • Red Scare vs. Crimson Shadow
  • Vladimir Plasma vs. Halloween Hank

It appears that The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar have put feuding wrestlers against each other in these qualifying matches. Again, whoever wins these matches will go onto a pair of round-robin tournaments to determine the top two contenders for the recently vacated NDW Dimensional Championship.

This weekend will be greatly important to the future of Next Dimension Wrestling. Not only will the winners of these matches qualify for the round-robin tournaments, but they will also be in the running for the NDW Cornerstone Championship. The losers in these matches will be out of title contention for the first part of the year.

As always, stay tuned to Dimensional Disclosure throughout the coming days as more developments on this story are made available.

All Preorders Have Shipped and the Handbooks are Live

Generations 2135 Logo

Happy GalactiCon week, NDW fans! All preorders have been shipped out, and most of you should already have your physical cards in hand. Yes, I know it was a week early, but I was very excited for you all to see the new cards. To go along with the new cards, the handbooks are now available on the Downloads page.

Also, the Active Roster page has also been updated to include all the new characters debuting in Generations 2135 and the Supplemental Pack. You can find all of the move descriptions there, as there was not enough space in the handbooks.

Well, that’s all that I have for today! I hope to see you all at GalactiCon this weekend.

Preorders for NDW Generations 2135 are Live!

Preorder Bonus

The preorder for NDW Generations 2135 is now live on the Shop NDW web page! Do not miss out on your chance at getting free game cards for Gretchen The Great and Rob Craig. Preorders will begin shipping on July 15, 2019. Make sure you get your preorder in before then.

Remember, those of you who are attending GalactiCon 2019 and purchase NDW Generations 2135 at the convention, will also receive the free preorder cards! I’m looking forward to seeing you all at GalactiCon!

After July 15, 2019, Gretchen The Great and Rob Craig will be available for purchase on Shop NDW as a special supplemental set.

NDW: Generations 2135 is Coming to GalactiCon 2019!

The exciting third year of Next Dimension Wrestling is coming to GalactiCon this July. NDW: Generations 2135 will feature eight brand new, full-color game cards to add to your NDW collection!

What causes a major rift between NDW founders The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar? Let’s just say things have quickly gone from competitive to personal with the latest recruit to Bob Hagar‘s team!

Preorders will begin on June 1, 2019 for this exciting new set and they will be mailed out on July 15, the Monday following GalactiCon.

As a special pre-order bonus, two free cards will be added to the set! If you pre-order your copy of NDW: Generations 2135 before July 15, you will receive two additional game cards absolutely free! They are for newcomers Gretchen The Great and Rob Craig! How will these two new wrestlers fit into the NDW landscape?

Gretchen The Great
Rob Craig

Every purchase made at GalactiCon will automatically include the two free pre-order bonus cards, so if you are planning on attending GalactiCon, there is no need to pre-order!

Please watch this site for all the information on the pre-order for NDW: Generations 2135!