Free Card on This Week’s Stream

Mysterious Figure

Just in time for Halloween, Next Dimension Wrestling will be giving away a brand new game card, absolutely free! This card will be given away to followers of BrocsterBuilds on Twitch!

Those of you who have followed the stream for a while may have noticed that NDW has been haunted by this mysterious figure. You can find out exactly who this ghastly creature is, this Sunday night during the NDW: Live the Reboot stream.

As a Halloween treat, a physical copy of this card will be made available to followers of the stream at no cost! The only requirement is you must follow BrocsterBuilds on Twitch!

A link will be given out during the stream this Sunday night that will include the order form! In the meantime, make sure you visit BrocsterBuilds on Twitch and give a follow and you’re halfway there!

NDW: Live the Reboot streams LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST on Twitch! Please join us for all the fun!

Tonight on NDW: Live the Reboot

The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar are taking NDW to the next level! For the first time in NDW history, they are leaving planet Earth and having their first matches on Mars! There is a huge interplanetary wrestling conference scheduled at the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, and the NDW roster will be on hand to showcase their talent.

In honor of this very special tour, NDW will be crowning the first-ever, NDW Tag Team Champions! There are 10 tag teams lined up for the opportunity. Six teams are already entered, and four others will be trying to qualify for the two remaining spots.

Join us tonight at BrocsterBuilds on Twitch! The stream begins at 9:00 PM EST.

Bruce Unlocked!

Thank you for helping NDW: Live the Reboot grow on Twitch! As promised, now that the BrocsterBuilds channel has 35 followers, Bruce is now available for download.


Our next goal will be a signature match for Lance Romance, the Bed of Roses Match! It will be unlocked at 45 followers. Please visit the BrocsterBuilds channel on Twitch, click on the “Follow” button, and help us unlock this new match!

NDW Live the Reboot is Coming to Twitch

Greetings Next Dimension Wrestling fans! After much debate, I have decided to reboot my personal NDW fed, and I want to bring you all along for the ride! Join me on Sunday, August 1, 2021, for the first stream of NDW Live the Reboot! The stream will begin at 9:00 PM EST and will stream every Sunday.

I plan to play through one month’s worth of fight cards per stream. There will be special guests and other fun stuff along the way.

Be sure to follow the Broctser Builds Twitch channel to make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

NDW Born Again 2136 Handbook

We are excited to announce that the NDW Born Again 2136 handbook is available for download. There may still be some minor edits that occur, but for the most part, it is ready! Don’t worry, none of the stories will change in the editing process, just some wording and formatting. To make things easier, you can just CLICK HERE to download it!

Also, stay tuned to the website. Throughout the next several days, the new character pages will be added to the Active Roster page. There is also an Inactive Roster page that has been added to commemorate the characters that are no longer a part of NDW.

So please stay tuned to the website as these new things come out over the next few day!

New Pre-Order Items for Sale

We are happy to announce that after many delays, COVID related and otherwise, we are now taking pre-orders for NDW Born Again 2136, rRagingRhino, and Marsha Quagmire!

All the cards are printed and in-hand, ready to ship! The handbooks are going through final edits and will be posted to the site on Friday, August 14 after the physical cards go in the mail. Please visit Shop NDW to place your pre-order now!

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding as these cards have been in development.

Production Begins on NDW Born Again 2136!

We are happy to announce that the character cards for NDW Born Again 2136 have started production. Playtesting has been completed, all the artwork is in, and all the edits and card updates have been made! NDW Born Again 2136 has gone to print!

With the current “new normal” in the world, we were uncertain as to whether or not these cards would be ready for our initial plan for a July release. Now it looks like that is a very real possibility! In fact, we will be releasing the Preview Pack ahead of schedule.

"Black and Blue" Bob Hagar

The Preview Pack will consist of two game cards to go get fans excited for the full release of NDW Born Again 2136. We have already revealed “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar on our Facebook Page. The other card will be revealed shortly, but fans of the series might be able to guess who it is!

Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook Page for all the release and ordering information for both the Preview Pack and the NDW Born Again 2136 game edition.

PWOTG Showcase – March 2135

Tuesday, March 15, 2135
Chicago, IL
Match Report by Brad Halloway

Cheri Cola vs. Hot Pink
Cheri Cola
 wins the match with her finisher, CHERRY PIT.

Bomb Chelle vs. La Belleza
Bomb Chelle picked up a sudden victory with a running clothesline. After the match, Ooolahg entered the ring and attacked La BellezaBomb Chelle did not attempt to stop her unpredictable partner from his vicious assault. La Belleza was injured in the attack. Bomb Chelle and Ooolahg both face suspension.

Raven Stark vs. Lamiax
Raven Stark wins with after hitting Tower of London on a bloody Lamiax.

Jacklyn Snow vs. Gretchen The Great
Gretchen The Great picks up a disqualification victory after a wild brawl erupts outside the ring.

Galactic Heroines (Bobbi Jo Boxer, Lioness, Goddess Galene) vs. Wonderfully Wicked (Contessa, Social Butterfly, Guillotina)
Guillotina picks up the victory for her team after hitting her finisher, OFF WITH HER HEAD, on the returning, Lioness.


La Belleza (three weeks)

Bomb Chelle (three weeks)
Ooolahg (three weeks)

Paris Pod – Week 9

Saturday, March 12, 2135
Paris, France
Match Report by Hawk Hawkins

Robert Hagar-Knight vs. Marvelous Mike
Marvelous Mike wins the match with his finisher, BEAVER RIVER PLUNGE.

León Volador vs. Bob N64
León Volador picked up a quick win with flying head scissors.

Jon Heel vs. Falcon Parker
Jon Heel won the match by count-out.

Adam Prometheus vs. Lance Romance
Adam Prometheus wins the match with a chokeslam.

Jet Black vs. Di-Smash
Jet Black picked up a disqualification over a bloodied Di-Smash.

Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Jibbs Warrior
Jibbs Warrior
picked up the win with his finisher, TORNADO DDT.


Di-Smash wins the Paris Pod

Current Score:
Adam Prometheus – 9
Bob N64 – 2
Di-Smash – 12
Falcon Parker – 9
Jet Black – 7
Jibbs Warrior – 9
Jon Heel – 12
Lance Romance – 8
León Volador – 5
Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III – 3