How Next Dimension Wrestling Was Created

Next Dimension Wrestling was officially created in 2007 when a group of friends got together to play the Champions of the Galaxy Wrestling Game. Broc Atkinson, who had been a longtime fan of the game, was introducing his new co-workers to one of his favorite games after returning from that year’s annual convention, GalaciCon.

Broc brought the newest game editions that he had purchased at GalactiCon to his new place of work, New Dimension Comics. The current store manager, Ken Frederick, loved the idea of a futuristic wrestling federation that the Champions of the Galaxy brought to life. Ken and Broc wanted to run their own federation based around the store they were playing the game in, thus Next Dimension Wrestling was founded.

At first, they were just playing with official cards created by Filsinger Games, when Broc had mentioned that he and others had made their own characters in the past. Ken thought adding their own characters to their wrestling federation would be a lot of fun. Soon after, the first two original characters were created, Falcon Parker and Eagle Richards, created by Broc and Ken respectively.

Soon after those characters were imagined, several others followed, such as Buck Blake, Battle Axe, and Broadsword. Original artwork for those characters was later drawn by customers at the store, Chris Adametz and Bill Gueguen. At this time, cards were never produced, and the project was put on hold for a little while.

In the summer of 2008, Broc’s father, Gary Atkinson had passed away after a heart attack and complications of a surgery that soon followed. Gary was the person responsible for introducing Broc to Champions of the Galaxy. As a tribute to Gary, Filsinger Games published an official TroyBoy card that was released at GalactiCon that year, just a month after Gary’s death. TroyBoy had been Gary’s e-fed character for many years.

At the 2009 GalactiCon, Broc had decided to share one of his new NDW characters with the convention attendees by officially making the first NDW card, B.A. Jerk. Unfortunately, Broc waited to print the cards on the week of the convention, and the printer had fouled up the project. It was too late to get replacements made, so the B.A. Jerk cards were put on hold.

In 2010, Filsinger Games changed the format of their game cards and they were now printed in full-color! By this time, NDW had been put on a shelf for a little while as the guys were playing other games at the time. Fast forward to the fall of 2012. Sara Kipin had started working at New Dimension Comics. Sara was planning on attending art school the following year and was incredibly talented. Broc pestered Sara into drawing new art for a B.A. Jerk card to be released at GalactiCon the following year. Sara surprised Broc with the artwork on her last day of work before leaving for school. However, the convention had already happened in July of that year.

Convinced to get these cards made, Broc had the full-color B.A. Jerk cards printed in early 2013 to be released at GalactiCon in July. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Broc was unable to make it to GalactiCon in both 2013 and 2014. Eager to get these cards out to fans of the game, Broc started demoing Champions of the Galaxy in New Dimension Comics. Everyone who played Broc in a game was given a free B.A. Jerk card.

At GalactiCon 2015, B.A. Jerk was finally released at GalactiCon! The card was given away to everyone who attended the convention. The card was well received, even though B.A. Jerk’s stats were designed to be a bit on the obnoxious side.

After GalactiCon 2015, Broc had his excitement for Next Dimension Wrestling reignited. Now he wanted to produce a full game edition. Broc sought permission from Tom Filsinger, the creator of the Champions of the Galaxy gaming system and Filsinger Games owner, to produce the set of cards, which Tom gave his blessing.

While gathering artwork and putting together the stats of the Next Dimension Wrestling Starter Pack, Broc colorized the artwork for Buck Blake, Battle Axe, Broadsword, and an older character being re-released, Pete Cottontail. These cards were produced and distributed through a few different platforms of social media to help get the word out about Next Dimension Wrestling.

New Dimension Comics sanctioned a Champions of the Galaxy tournament to be held on International Tabletop Day 2016, The First Annual Gary Atkinson Memorial Tournament, where Buck Blake was officially released to all players. The prize for the winner of this tournament was the ability to create an official NDW character card that would be given away at next year’s tournament.

As a tribute to his late father, Broc wrote the story of Next Dimension Wrestling to be centered around two characters created by Gary Atkinson, The Last Knight and “Black and Blue” Bob Hagar. Those two characters were both now retired from the ring but were helping to build the future of the business through their wrestling schools. Next Dimension Wrestling is a wrestling federation that features the wrestlers from these schools.

At GalactiCon 2016, the Next Dimension Wrestling Starter Pack, Heroes and Villians Expansion Pack, and the Di-Smash cards were all released. Throughout the next year leading up to GalactiCon 2017, a series of four-card expansion packs were released to represent the first year of Next Dimension Wrestling. New game editions were released at each GalactiCon since then.

Now at the beginning of 2020, there have been over 60 original characters created in several expansion packs and full game editions. Over 20 people have created characters, given story support, or have drawn NDW characters. The Fifth Annual Gary Atkinson Memorial Tournament is scheduled for April with a brand new card given away to all attendees. NDW Born Again 2136 is expected to be released at GalactiCon 2020, with a preview pack coming out in June!