Free Card on This Week’s Stream

Mysterious Figure

Just in time for Halloween, Next Dimension Wrestling will be giving away a brand new game card, absolutely free! This card will be given away to followers of BrocsterBuilds on Twitch!

Those of you who have followed the stream for a while may have noticed that NDW has been haunted by this mysterious figure. You can find out exactly who this ghastly creature is, this Sunday night during the NDW: Live the Reboot stream.

As a Halloween treat, a physical copy of this card will be made available to followers of the stream at no cost! The only requirement is you must follow BrocsterBuilds on Twitch!

A link will be given out during the stream this Sunday night that will include the order form! In the meantime, make sure you visit BrocsterBuilds on Twitch and give a follow and you’re halfway there!

NDW: Live the Reboot streams LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST on Twitch! Please join us for all the fun!

2 thoughts on “Free Card on This Week’s Stream

  1. Just watched this week’s twitch, did I miss something? Just saw Agent Orange. SWEET
    Is he yet available and I just missed him some how, or is this a peak onto a possible future set?

    • Agent Orange is available by redeeming Twitch channel points. Right now he is just appearing on stream, but he may end up being a major player down the road.

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