Paris Pod – Match Schedule

The matches have been made and the schedule has been released for the Paris Pod of the NDW Dimensional Round-Robin Tournament. Below are the listed matches for the coming weeks. The winners of each match will be awarded points. Two points for winning by pin-fall or submission and one point for winning by count out or disqualification.

January 15, 2135

  • Falcon Parker vs. Lance Romance
  • Bob N64 vs. Jon Heel
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. León Volador
  • Di-Smash vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Jet Black

January 22, 2135

  • Falcon Parker vs. Bob N64
  • Lance Romance vs. Jet Black
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Adam Prometheus
  • León Volador vs. Di-Smash
  • Jon Heel vs. Jibbs Warrior

January 29, 2135

  • Adam Prometheus vs. León Volador
  • Jet Black vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Bob N64 vs. Lance Romance
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Falcon Parker
  • Di-Smash vs. Jon Heel

February 5, 2135

  • Jon Heel vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Falcon Parker vs. Di-Smash
  • Bob N64 vs. Jibbs Warrior
  • Lance Romance vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • León Volador vs. Jet Black

February 12, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Bob N64
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Falcon Parker
  • Jet Black vs. Jon Heel
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. León Volador
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Lance Romance

February 19, 2135

  • Lance Romance vs. León Volador
  • Jon Heel vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Falcon Parker vs. Jet Black
  • Bob N64 vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Di-Smash

February 26, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Lance Romance
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Jibbs Warrior
  • Jet Black vs. Bob N64
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Falcon Parker
  • León Volador vs. Jon Heel

March 5, 2135

  • Di-Smash vs. Adam Prometheus
  • Lance Romance vs. Jon Heel
  • Falcon Parker vs. León Volador
  • Bob N64 vs. Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III
  • Jibbs Warrior vs. Jet Black

March 12, 2135

  • León Volador vs. Bob N64
  • Jon Heel vs. Falcon Parker
  • Adam Prometheus vs. Lance Romance
  • Jet Black vs. Di-Smash
  • Lord Nigel Turnbuckle III vs. Jibbs Warrior

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