Chicago Pod – Match Schedule

The matches have been made and the schedule has been released for the Chicago Pod of the NDW Dimensional Round-Robin Tournament. Below are the listed matches for the coming weeks. The winners of each match will be awarded points. Two points for winning by pin-fall or submission and one point for winning by count out or disqualification.

January 14, 2135

  • Navy Blue vs. Battle Axe
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Halloween Hank
  • Eagle Richards vs. Red Scare
  • The White Knight vs. Fallout Joe
  • Murky Waters vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

January 21, 2135

  • Navy Blue vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Battle Axe vs. Rajah Ring Royalty
  • Fallout Joe vs. Murky Waters
  • Red Scare vs. The White Knight
  • Halloween Hank vs. Eagle Richards

January 28, 2135

  • Murky Waters vs. Red Scare
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Fallout Joe
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Battle Axe
  • Eagle Richards vs. Navy Blue
  • The White Knight vs. Halloween Hank

February 4, 2135

  • Halloween Hank vs. Murky Waters
  • Navy Blue vs. The White Knight
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Eagle Richards
  • Battle Axe vs. Fallout Joe
  • Red Scare vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

February 11, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Murky Waters vs. Navy Blue
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Halloween Hank
  • Fallout Joe vs. Red Scare
  • Eagle Richards vs. Battle Axe

February 18, 2135

  • Battle Axe vs. Red Scare
  • Halloween Hank vs. Fallout Joe
  • Navy Blue vs. Rajah Ring Royalty
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Murky Waters
  • Eagle Richards vs. The White Knight

February 25, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Battle Axe
  • Murky Waters vs. Eagle Richards
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Fallout Joe vs. Navy Blue
  • Red Scare vs. Halloween Hank

March 4, 2135

  • The White Knight vs. Murky Waters
  • Battle Axe vs. Halloween Hank
  • Navy Blue vs. Red Scare
  • Headhunter Travis Deadly vs. Fallout Joe
  • Eagle Richards vs. Rajah Ring Royalty

March 11, 2135

  • Red Scare vs. Headhunter Travis Deadly
  • Halloween Hank vs. Navy Blue
  • Murky Waters vs. Battle Axe
  • Rajah Ring Royalty vs. The White Knight
  • Fallout Joe vs. Eagle Richards

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