B.A. Jerk’s Trouble with the NDW Fans Escalates!

B.A. Jerk Card ArtA couple of years ago, I put together an Out of the Ring chart specially designed for B.A. Jerk. I never released it with any of the NDW game editions, so I decided that the time and place was right now on the NDW website!

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You can use it for B.A. Jerk or any other heel character you wish! This will be a lot of fun unless you happen to be one of the poor souls caught in B.A. Jerk‘s path, but don’t worry, he’ll get what he deserves…

Celebrate Presidents’ Day with The Gipper

Originally released in 2004 as part of the Filsinger Corporation expansion, The Supporting Cast: Book 1, The Gipper has come back to help you celebrate Presidents’ Day!

The Gipper was originally created by the original artist for the Filsinger Corporation sets, Chris Scheiffer with card stats by Sam Luptak, Jr. Those of us at Next Dimension Wrestling always thought that more could have been done with this fun character, so here he is, now in full color!

CLICK HERE to Download the Free PDF

Below is the original handbook entry from The Filsinger Corporation Presents: The Support Cast: Book 1

Creator’s Note:  This card was designed to pay tribute to one of the great men who served our country as president, much like the Honest Abe card.  No disrespect was meant by the release of this card.  With that being said, please enjoy The Gipper.

Just like the former Filsinger Corporation member, Honest Abe, the Gipper was sent to Earth by the Organization of Planetary Assistance to help lead the people of Earth in the right direction.  Gipper’s mission was to end the scare of nuclear warfare from the Cold War.  The Gipper did not stop there; he also battled as a soldier against communism.

Now that The Gipper’s call to duty has been ended he has returned home to try his hand at wrestling.  He even developed and mastered his own type of sleeper hold he calls, BEDTIME FOR BONZO.

We hope that you enjoy this card! Maybe in the future we will release more classic cards from the Filsinger Corporation sets. They were a lot of fun to be a part of back in the day, and they will only need minor edits to get them up to the card creation guidelines and standards.