GalactiCon Releases Now Available

GalactiCon was here and gone, and it was a great time! Jeff Manning won the annual NDW Tournament with the brand new Crimson Shadow card! Congratulations go out to Jeff.

At GalactiCon, NDW released a few items. The final chapter of NDW Series Two was released. It is titled NDW Conclusion 2134 and features two new cards that will shake the NDW to its core.

Next the debut game edition for the Powerful Women of the Galaxy was released. It was titled PWOTG Foundation 2134. This set features eight new game cards that can be used as a standalone promotion or interwoven into the NDW.

Finally, the Brocster Comics Classic Collection kicks off with Powerhouse Patterson! This is a card that was originally released as part of a Dance Club Wrestling set in 2002, but is now available in full-color!

Here is a quick visual guide of all the cards released at GalactiCon! All of these cards are available for order now in the NDW Store!

NDW Conclusion 2134 (Series Two – Pack Four)

Crimson Shadow

Fallout Joe

PWOTG Foundation 2134

Bobbi Jo BoxerLionessGoddess GaleneCheri ColaLamiaxContessaGuillotinaLa Belleza

Powerhouse Patterson – GalactiCon Special Edition

Powerhouse Patterson